Websense Security Labs Reveals Cybersecurity Predictions for 2015

Websense Security Labs predictions explore healthcare data as a top target, internet of things attacks on businesses and the evolution in credit card hacks.

Microsoft Azure Ensures Rapid Adoption of Cloud: Joseph Landes

Joseph Landes, General Manager, Developer, and Platform Evangelist, Microsoft, explains how Azure enables customers to extend their on-premise investments into the public cloud and choose between infrastructure and platform services.

Lenovo to Surge its PC Market Share by 10 Percent till 2017

With a dominant 20 percent share in PCs globally, Lenovo aspires to become number one in the broader PC plus tablet market share. 

Uber's a Disruptive Tech Player, Not a Mere Taxi Service

Here’s how Uber—a taxi company that came into India just a year ago—is successfully challenging local market leaders to lower their prices through astute tech play.

Gartner: 4.9 Billion Connected “Things” Will Be in Use in 2015

25 billion connected “things” will be in use by 2020, says Gartner.

Robotic Technology Ready to Revolutionize Surgeries in India

Ushering in an era of surgical precision, robotic surgeries are gaining acceptance pushing the skill levels of surgeons to the optimum.

Make in India: The Great Success of Tally

Bharat Goenka, Co-founder and MD of Tally, shares why the company is one of the biggest success stories in the software product space.

Business As Usual Says Juniper, Despite CEO Shaygan Kheradpir’s Sudden Exit

According to the company, Kheradpir’s exit will have no impact on partners and customers of Juniper Networks, both globally and in India.

Make in India: The GOQii Agenda

While we are talking about making India a manufacturing hub, little is being said about the importance of the design aspect of things. In the world of wearables, one health band is changing all that. 

Where to Park Your Storage

Taking storage away from servers led to performance issues in the network, as data needs to be fetched over four to five hops.  

Is the CIO Role Nearing Extinction?

New technologies are shifting power to the hands of the user, endangering the CIO role. But do Indian CIOs consider that a threat or an opportunity? 

IT Leaders Struggling With Protecting Businesses: Fortinet Survey

Enterprise security decisions have reached the board level and are taken up as a primary consideration among business initiatives, says Fortinet in its new report.

‘It’s Not About Doing Social, it’s About Being Social’

Vineet Gupta, MD, 22feet Tribal Worldwide, a digital marketing firm, shares why organizations need to take social media more seriously and how they can leverage it to take their businesses ahead. 

6 Leaders Who Headed for an Abrupt Exit

The abrupt exit of top leaders of Indian and global tech companies this year, with many of them citing ambiguous reasons, surprised the technology world.

IoT Hasn’t Achieved its True Potential: Prateek Pashine, Tata Teleservices

To further the cause of IOT in India, Prateek Pashine, head- Enterprise Business, Tata Teleservices throws light on what IoT is and how its sensors work.

Make In India: Portable Computer to Common Man’s Aid

Vinay Deshpande, chairman and CEO of Encore Software and one of the founders of Simputer Trust talks about the problems they had faced to kick-start the product. This gadget was envisioned to familiarise the common man in India with computer-aided services.