Raises Rs 200 Crore Funding

Online grocer BigBasket received Rs 200 crore funding and the company will now expand and use latest technology to improve customer understanding.

Plan-B Ready as Windows 2003 Server Support Ends: CIOs

As Windows server 2003 draws back its support in July 2015, Indian CIOs elaborate on how they plan to cope up with the situation.

New Technologies Have Transformed Our Service Offerings: Blue Star Infotech

Sunil Bhatia, CEO and MD, Blue Star Infotech is helping the company revive growth and revenues with the help of key technologies such as cloud, mobile, and analytics.

Steve Ballmer Steps Down from Microsoft's Board

'I have become very busy' since leaving Microsoft, Ballmer says in a letter to CEO Satya Nadella.

Hot Startup of the Week: ParaBlu

A 2012 startup in the cloud storage space is making ‘Bring Your Own Cloud’ a catchphrase in the enterprise. 

Technology Refines Education at Indian School of Business

Jitendra Nath, CIO, Indian School of Business, talks about how the institution is using technology to improve every student’s learning experience.

Private Cloud Makes Way for Hybrid Cloud: CIO Research

Better performance, more control, higher reliability, and reduced cost are few of the reasons why CIOs are adopting hybrid cloud, CIO Mid-year Review 2014 Survey showed.

Insider Threat Still Causes Maximum Damage: Uniken

Apart from using sophisticated security solutions to ensure protection from insider security breach, CIOs should block unauthorized access to sensitive applications says Sanjay Deshpande, CEO, Uniken.

India Needs a Formal Network That Shares Security Updates

Nandkumar Saravade, an independent advisor on security and fraud security, says an insights-sharing platform with CISOs and government agencies can help security professionals battle security threats.

Cisco: Weak Links Exist in Enterprise Security Landscape

An expanding attack surface is allowing attackers to exploit known weaknesses within low-risk targets and low-profile legacy applications and infrastructure.

Board Level Participation Broadens a CIOs Business Outlook

CIOs who get involved at the board level expand their business outlook and undergo a rich learning experience.

Smart Startup Starts Custom Clothing Brand with 3-D Technology

Have you ever thought about creating your garments using a 3-D visualization engine? Move beyond norms, labels, and quick-fixes, the next generation of fashion retail is here.

Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Leads Digitization Amid Challenges

All indicators show that the Indian media and entertainment industry will go the digital way and the use of cloud computing will gain a strong foothold.

Indian CIOs Deny Any CIO-CMO Conflict Exists

Indian CIOs refute that a digital gap exists between the CIO and CMO and agree that working together is more important to build a digital platform.

CIOs Look at Public Cloud with Caution and Curiosity: CIO Research

Public cloud gains traction among Indian CIOs and scepticism associated with security also seems to be vanishing.

Smartphone Market Still Has Immense Potential: IDC

There is a high possibility of a shuffle in the ranking within the top five smartphone vendors in the coming quarters, says IDC.

Does IT Realize that Business Has No Interest in Tech Talk?

There is a growing trend of LoBs bypassing IT. Samir Bodas, CEO of Icertis says IT is beginning to lose their strangle hold on purchasing decisions.

Don’t Let Software be a Leaky Tap in the Organization: BSA

Unlicensed software can become a huge liability for an organization. BSA recommends considering software asset management for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Can Your Team Really Assess the Effectiveness of a Security Solution?

In-house IT teams tend to be lean--and therefore made up of generalists. That can be a challenge if they are asked to assess a security solution. How Godrej Industries’ tackles that issue.

Will E-mail Perish?

Will service automation sound e-mail’s death knell? Indian CIOs debate.

What's Better: Single Vendor Security Solutions or Best-of-Breed?

Indian CISOs debate the pros and cons of best-of-breed and single vendor security solutions.

Amit Agarwal, Amazon India: 2 Billion USD Announcement Not Related to Flipkart

Amit Agarwal, VP and Country Manager, Amazon India, says this announcement has nothing to do with Flipkart raising $1 billion in a fresh round of funding and that Amazon is aggressive about its growth plans in India.

Analytics Plays Hero at The Box Office

IBM’s advanced analytics helps film makers predict beforehand the outcome of their upcoming movies. 

Women Paid 29 Percent Less than Men in IT Sector: Report

The stark reality of women being victims of gender-based income disparity was brought to light in a recent research report by

Want to Join LinkedIn’s Engineering Team? Here’s What You Need

A sound educational background with technical and analytical skills are what you need says, Ganesh Venkatasubramanian, Engineering Head, LinkedIn.

'We're All Data Scientists Now'

If you're like me and broke into a sweat when confronted with any kind of mandatory math or statistics courses in college, you're in for a world of hurt now -- a world where data reigns and making sense of it all is compulsory.

Is The Need for Data Analysts in India Exaggerated?

In contrast to all the hoopla around the need for data analysts, some CIOs aren’t ready to hire business analysts. Here’s why.

10 Things You Should Know About Apple's Swift

Apple recently unveiled Swift, a new language to replace Objective-C for OS X and iOS application development.

Microsoft Lays Off 18,000, Including a Third of Nokia, in Largest-ever Job Cuts

18,000 Microsoft employees will find themselves without jobs over the next year, and the company is "moving now" to eliminate the first 13,000 positions. The job cuts are by far Microsoft's largest ever.

Why the Apple-IBM Deal Matters

Apple's partnership with IBM to tackle the mobile enterprise could have lasting ramifications for both companies--as well as for rivals Google, Microsoft and BlackBerry.

Wearable Tech's Dilemma: Too Much Data, Not Enough Insight

When people learn that I run marathons in addition to covering healthcare IT, they ask, "Where's your fitness tracker?"