Nanotechnology Could Mean Self-cleaning Cars

Not many people would confuse the sporty Nissan Versa Note with a commercial cement truck, but the two vehicles could have something in common one day.

Why Indian CIOs Who Didn’t Get a Salary Hike Deserved One: CIO Research

Compared to their peers who got a hike, these Indian CIOs are doing the right things but aren’t getting paid for it.   

Happiest Minds Uses Wearables to Improve Staff Health

The folks at Happiest Minds know that a healthy body leads to a happy mind. And the way to that was wearable tech.

TCS Crosses Rs 5 lakh crore Market Capitalization

IT bellwether TCS scripted history by becoming the first Indian company to stage a grand entry into the  Rs 5 lakh crore market cap club.

The Uneven Future: Two Telling Views of Cloud Adoption

My last couple of columns have addressed cloud adoption patterns by IT organizations. They have discussed the seeming ennui regarding cloud computing on the part of IT groups that they seem less interested in the field, despite the belief on the part of vendors that the cloud represents tomorrow's technology infrastructure.

What Makes for Satisfied Indian CIOs?

The characteristics of happy CIOs--versus unhappy ones--goes beyond money, a CIO research proves. But of course, it still has plenty to do with it.

Cybercrime: Still Only a Tiny Percentage of GDP, But It's Growing

The annual cost of cybercrime is either staggering, or a mere blip on the world's economic bottom line, depending on how you look at it.

8 Top Execs’ Infamous Memos that Went Viral

Of late, the memos by company chiefs are far from being positive or motivational. The latest in the list is Nadella's memo to his employees about the mass lay-off Microsoft is planning. We bring to you eight such memos that went viral.

SAP Analytics Reveal World Cup’s Defining Moments on Social Media

The company analyzed data to reveal some of the defining moments of World Cup 2014 on social media.

Why a Media Giant Sold Its Data Center and Headed to the Cloud

Two weeks ago, venerable media company Condé Nast decommissioned its Newark data center. The 67,200 square feet facility had already been sold and the deal closed. The 105-year-old company had gone all-in with the cloud.

Nine Things Everyone Should Know How to Do With a Spreadsheet

If your job requires you to do anything substantial with numbers, chances are you use a spreadsheet app to do it. As a Mac user, you've got plenty of choices among spreadsheet apps, but for most of us that isn't the case.

Analytics Plays Hero at The Box Office

IBM’s advanced analytics helps film makers predict beforehand the outcome of their upcoming movies. 

Women Paid 29 Percent Less than Men in IT Sector: Report

The stark reality of women being victims of gender-based income disparity was brought to light in a recent research report by

Want to Join LinkedIn’s Engineering Team? Here’s What You Need

A sound educational background with technical and analytical skills are what you need says, Ganesh Venkatasubramanian, Engineering Head, LinkedIn.

Flipkart’s CTO Explains the Xiaomi Launch Outage

Amod Malviya, CTO, Flipkart, says the outage was not due to an infrastructure failure. He says changes in the nature of traffic affect Flipkart’s complex algorithms, and throw up hidden choke points that don’t show up in routine stress tests.

'We're All Data Scientists Now'

If you're like me and broke into a sweat when confronted with any kind of mandatory math or statistics courses in college, you're in for a world of hurt now -- a world where data reigns and making sense of it all is compulsory.

Is The Need for Data Analysts in India Exaggerated?

In contrast to all the hoopla around the need for data analysts, some CIOs aren’t ready to hire business analysts. Here’s why.

10 Things You Should Know About Apple's Swift

Apple recently unveiled Swift, a new language to replace Objective-C for OS X and iOS application development.

Microsoft Lays Off 18,000, Including a Third of Nokia, in Largest-ever Job Cuts

18,000 Microsoft employees will find themselves without jobs over the next year, and the company is "moving now" to eliminate the first 13,000 positions. The job cuts are by far Microsoft's largest ever.

Why the Apple-IBM Deal Matters

Apple's partnership with IBM to tackle the mobile enterprise could have lasting ramifications for both companies--as well as for rivals Google, Microsoft and BlackBerry.

Wearable Tech's Dilemma: Too Much Data, Not Enough Insight

When people learn that I run marathons in addition to covering healthcare IT, they ask, "Where's your fitness tracker?"

Germany Won; So Did Microsoft: How Bing Predicted World Cup Winners

Microsoft’s Bing and Cortana accurately predicted almost all winners in the knock-out rounds with the help of data sets, algorithms and predictive analysis.

IoT: Challenges of Securing IP-enabled Devices

A few years ago, the idea of home and office appliances being connected to a network, may have seemed strange. Today, however this is fast becoming a reality, as technology continues to develop and evolve, increasing in complexity and sophistication.

11 Market Trends in Advanced Analytics

In today's business environment, organizations are demanding advanced analytics that allows them to use large volumes and diverse types of data to discover patterns and anomalies and predict outcomes.

IT Operations Analytics Provides Real Time Monitoring of Large Volumes of Data

Now that you have initiatives to migrate to the cloud, extend to the mobile web and integrate all the pieces from the BYOD movement, the next hurdle is going to be keeping an eye on all these moving pieces. IT Operations Analytics has been dubbed the solution to bring order to this rapidly growing complexity.

How to Tame Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Multisourcing

Multisourcing--parceling out the IT services portfolio among a number of vendors--is the new normal in IT outsourcing. And as SMAC services become increasingly important to the IT environment, companies will find themselves managing an ever larger pool of smaller deals.

The Real Cloud Computing Revolution

My last post noted that the IT industry appears to suffer from cloud computing ennui. I also said that other evidence indicates that many IT users appear to have put cloud computing in the "done and dusted" category despite not really understanding it very well.

Tools Getting Better at Catching Security Holes in Open Source Code

This year has been the best of times and the worst of times for open source code and security.

BSE, HCL Comnet and Cisco to Analyze BSE Shutdown

According to the BSE, the reason behind the shutdown was that the number of primary connections had come down to less than 2,000.

IoT will Redefine the Global Manufacturing Industry: PTC

Almost all manufacturers will be using Internet of Things (IoT) applications by 2020, leading to a potential economic impact of as much as $2.3 trillion for the global manufacturing industry alone, says Robert Kocis, Senior Divisional VP of Asia Pacific Sales and Distribution, at PTC.

Why Coworking is a Hit for Telecommuters and Entrepreneurs

Despite Yahoo CEO Melissa Mayer's decision to ban telecommuting last year, working in places other than a traditional office headquarters is becoming more popular. Not only has this been a benefit for workers who want more flexibility, it has also been a boon for coworking spaces.

7 Things You Need to Know About Facebook's Mood Experiment

With the uproar continuing over Facebook's manipulation of some users' News Feeds to conduct an experiment on emotions, there are several things users need to understand.

The Danger of Google's Development Cadence

Instead of updating products every six weeks, as Google promised at the I/O developer conference, the company might want to slow down and make sure its products and services actually represent what its customers want.