IT is Losing the Battle on Security in the Cloud: Research

IT is losing the battle on security in the cloud as IT departments find it difficult to control corporate data on the cloud. 

India is the Third Largest Start-Up Ecosystem Globally: Report

NASSCOM unveils key findings of India Start-up Report 2014 at the 11th edition of its annual flagship Product Conclave.

The Mystic Cloud: Top 10 Myths About Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is uniquely susceptible to the perils of myths due to the nature, confusion, and hype surrounding it, says Gartner. 

Business Security Remains Unthreatened by Wearable Tech

Indian CIOs speak about how to effectively handle wearable devices and the potential security risks attached to it. With the right plans in place, businesses will be able to maximize the benefits and minimize its drawbacks, they say. 

CIOs are Becoming Endangered Species: Gartner

Research firm Gartner highlights a shift of demand and control away from IT and toward digital business units at this year’s Gartner Symposium. 

IT is Indispensable for Business Optimization: David Aires, Intel

David L. Aires, VP, Information Technology Group, and GM, Information Technology Operations, believes security to be the biggest challenge in the current IT environment.

Kotak Mahindra Launches First Bank-agnostic Funds Transfer Platform

KayPay is the world’s first bank-agnostic payment product for Facebook users to send money to each other in an instant.

CIO’s Role is Critical to Deploy Enterprise Mobility: Nabeel Youakim, Citrix

Device management, application delivery, and policies that govern those makes an enterprise truly mobile and a CIO’s role is vital to it, says Nabeel Youakim, VP, Products and Microsoft Alliance, Citrix.

Make in India: The Rise of Indian Startups

Being a startup in India has never been easy, especially if it harbors ambitions of doing business abroad. With Make in India, hopefully Indian startups will get an edge.

Is the CIO Role Nearing Extinction?

New technologies are shifting power to the hands of the user, endangering the CIO role. But do Indian CIOs consider that a threat or an opportunity? 

IT Leaders Struggling With Protecting Businesses: Fortinet Survey

Enterprise security decisions have reached the board level and are taken up as a primary consideration among business initiatives, says Fortinet in its new report.

‘It’s Not About Doing Social, it’s About Being Social’

Vineet Gupta, MD, 22feet Tribal Worldwide, a digital marketing firm, shares why organizations need to take social media more seriously and how they can leverage it to take their businesses ahead. 

6 Leaders Who Headed for an Abrupt Exit

The abrupt exit of top leaders of Indian and global tech companies this year, with many of them citing ambiguous reasons, surprised the technology world.

IoT Hasn’t Achieved its True Potential: Prateek Pashine, Tata Teleservices

To further the cause of IOT in India, Prateek Pashine, head- Enterprise Business, Tata Teleservices throws light on what IoT is and how its sensors work.

Make In India: Portable Computer to Common Man’s Aid

Vinay Deshpande, chairman and CEO of Encore Software and one of the founders of Simputer Trust talks about the problems they had faced to kick-start the product. This gadget was envisioned to familiarise the common man in India with computer-aided services. 

Use Social Media, Let Consumers Tell Your Brand Story: Samar Shekhawat, United Breweries

As traditional marketing strategies make way for social media marketing, the challenge still lies in corporate leaders taking social media seriously, says Samar Singh Shekhawat, United Breweries.

Digitizing Business Processes Leads to Cost Reduction

Even though a hefty amount of money is needed to be spent initially for digitizing business processes, the return on investment is mostly greater than the cost.

We’ve Reduced Prices 45 times in 8 years: Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon

At the Amazon Executive Summit in Bangalore held on 30th September, Vogels said that the company has relentlessly focused on cost reduction, and that’s just one of the areas of Amazon’s persistent customer focus.

Datacenter Complexities Leading to High Cost: CIO Research

An increasing number of business critical applications, the growth in data volumes and server virtualization, inadequate budgets, and cloud computing are factors leading to an increase in datacenter complexity.

Why Would Users Prefer Ello over Facebook?

With Facebook’s declining popularity and the stagnancy on Twitter, Ello has the potential to offer a refreshing change. Is this the new social revolution in the making?

IoT Will Play a Major Role in Smart City Development

In the light of smart city projects being implemented in India, Prabhu Ramachandran, Director, WebNMS, talks about what is in store for the residents of smart cities.

Security, Privacy Still Impede Cloud Adoption: Research

A study states that security is the single largest concern that organizations have to tackle when moving a workload to cloud.

Board Level Participation Broadens a CIOs Business Outlook

CIOs who get involved at the board level expand their business outlook and undergo a rich learning experience.

Smart Startup Starts Custom Clothing Brand with 3-D Technology

Have you ever thought about creating your garments using a 3-D visualization engine? Move beyond norms, labels, and quick-fixes, the next generation of fashion retail is here.