Is the Information Security Industry Having a Midlife Crisis?

The information security industry is hot right now, but it's hot because it's failing. Daily announcements about breaches confirm that criminals are winning. How can InfoSec reposition itself?

Hu Yoshida, VP & CTO at Hitachi Data Systems on the Future of Storage

Hu Yoshida, VP & CTO, Hitachi Data Systems spoke about the future of storage, and that he's keeping his bets on non-volatile memory, and not flash, to manage more durable and high-performance systems.

Six Global Events That Showcase The Power of Social Media

In the past decade, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have transformed from socializing and promotion platforms to our voice for protests and resentment.

The Fifth Frontier- Cyberspace

In recent times, a fifth domain has emerged in addition to the four traditional war domains, land, sea, air and space--cyberspace. 

Four Things you Need to Know About iOS 9

Apple has, as usual, announced a hundred things at WWDC 2015. Some people have brought out a Mother Hubbard dress version that covers everything, but we bring you just four slides (not five, not ten) on iOS 9--think of it as the French bathing suit version, which covers just the essentials.

Expect a 30 percent growth for Talisma in 2015: Raj Mruthyunjayappa, MD

Raj Mruthyunjayappa, MD at Campus Management & Talisma talks about the vision in bringing the two companies together, and how do they plan to serve the current needs of the Indian market.

7 Ways to Mitigate Age Discrimination in your Job Search

While you can't do much to change the widespread unconscious biases against older workers, you can take steps to mitigate their impact on your own job search.

8 Tech Companies that Make Most Revenue Per Employee

In a people intensive sector like IT revenues made per employee is a benchmark of productivity. Check out the companies that make the most of their employees.

Who in the C-suite Isn’t Doing Enough to Drive the Digital Agenda?

Digitally mature companies are more profitable. Period. Yet the digital maturity of Indian companies isn’t great. Who’s to blame? We spoke to Laurence Buchanan, Partner, EY, to find out.  

Brocade Will Continue to Innovate Around SDN and NFV: Jason Nolet, Brocade

Jason Nolet, SVP-Routing, Switching and Analytics Product Group, Brocade, shares why Brocade is the forerunner in the SDN discussion and how the New IP will be built on a strong bulwark of SDN and NFV.

CIOs Need to Break Organizational Barriers for SDDC Success: Arun Parameswaran, VMware

“Philosophically, and in terms of architectural viewpoints, CIOs have realized that the software-defined enterprise or software-defined datacenter has arrived. However, mass adoption of Software-defined Data centers will take time.”

Aadhaar, IRCTC and the NJAC Eminences

Backed by a database that can be hacked into and changed, the NJAC may not really fix the perceived wrongs in the Supreme Court collegium system.

If You Modernize Production, You Have To Modernize Your Protection: Michael Grant, Dell

With enterprises embracing mobility, digital technology and big data, Data backup and recovery demands are changing. Enterprises are demanding faster backup and recovery solutions, says Michael Grant from Dell.

Avoid Ad-Hoc Software Buy, Invest in SAM : Yolynd Lobo, BSA

Build relationships with software publishers, evaluate various contracts and licensing models and choose what best suits your environment. All software publishers today have a solution for every stage of your business, says Yolynd Lobo, India Director, BSA.

Indian Women Technopreneurs Prove Glass Ceiling a Myth

Indian women technopreneurs are on the rise battling hurdles that aren’t any different from the ones faced by the opposite sex. 

Solution to What?

Is technologically enabling business growth about internally selling a 'solution' or is it about helping people to go about their work in peace?

How Smollan India Transformed into an Indigenous Mobile App Company

A field marketing company in 2009, Smollan India has transformed into a full blown retail solution organization, powered by a mobile technology product.

At WWDC 2015, Apple Rocks for Stability with El Capitan

After focusing on features for a long time, Apple has created an OS that is designed to work smoothly.

Don’t be Comfortable, Don’t Panic in a Connected World: Darren Turnbull, Fortinet

The danger lies in the fact that some organizations reach a point where they start believing they have complete protection when they actually don’t. And that opens a risk for something to happen, says Darren Turnbull VP, CTO Office, Fortinet.

Simple Service Discovery Protocol Adds to IoT Complexity

Much has been written about how secure--insecure, rather--IoT is. As with all forms of technology, security takes the back seat because people often concentrate on other features.

Building 70 Supercomputers by 2022: Easier Said than Done?

Indian government's vision to build 70 supercomputers sounds great. But the track record of India's research institutes in building parallel processors and global realities present hurdles.

Free, Cheap and Easy Security Tools

When it comes to detecting, preventing and analyzing information security threats, security teams need all the help they can get.

4 steps to success for a new CIO

New CIOs have about 90 to 120 days to make their mark on an organization. The transition also creates a tremendous opportunity for CIOs. Anticipation of what digital can deliver is great.

Paying too much for Cloud Services? These five tools can help cut your cloud costs

Here's is your guide to making the most of cloud services while keeping costs down.

Going Beyond Touch Computing with Virtual Reality

Until now, we have used computational data as an addendum to the world, so it is just a matter of time before reality fits into the confines of a virtual world.

Take Baby Steps for Successful Hadoop Strategy: Ben Sadeghi, MapR

“Data scientists are not necessarily a must for every organization. Data engineers who execute most of big data projects are more crucial than data scientists,” says Ben Sadeghi, Data Scientist, APAC and Japan, MapR Technologies.

Five Security Questions You should be Asking about the Apple Watch

According to Apple, the Apple Watch will communicate with the iPhone via WiFi and Bluetooth. That creates a potential opportunity for attackers to spoof one device or another.

No Small Change

Change your department’s goalposts now or you might have to deal with someone changing them for you. 

A Rebuttal to Airtel’s Defence of Airtel Zero

Does Airtel understand the concept of Net Neutrality? If it did, it probably won't be defending Airtel Zero.

Securing Smart Cities a Work-in-Progress, say Security Vendors

It is important to understand and address vulnerabilities associated with IoT in its early stages as companies cannot fully rely on IoT vendors to patch vulnerabilities and protect against all attack vectors.

Net Neutrality: It’s Time TRAI Batted for End Users

Putting in place a regulatory framework for App developers is no solution. TRAI should mandate Net neutrality.

Lead Business Conversation than Tech Pitch : Arvind Thakur, NIIT Technologies

We have the right arsenal to scale our IMS and establish firmly in digital services, says Arvind Thakur, CEO & Joint Managing Director, NIIT Technologies.

IoT to benefit wider industry spectrum by 2019 : Ganesh Ramamoorthy, Gartner

Companies investing in IoT technology need to understand the importance of the service and whether that type of service makes absolute sense for their company.

Nail the Lie

You’d think that the increase in the number of breaches and their financial impact would increasingly make security a boardroom topic. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Has Apple Lost Direction?

After Steve Jobs died, many felt that Apple will lack a leader with the vision to take it forward. It looks like this belief is coming true.

Ashok Leyland Uses Gamification to Bring Business Closer to IT

Ashok Leyland's IT-head found an innovative approach in the guise of gamification to bring business closer to IT-and it was no child's play.

Security-as-a-Service is a Real Business Enabler for CIOs : Pekka Usva, F-Secure

Decision-makers in enterprises often wrongly differentiate between the security requirements during the PC era as opposed to post-PC era. Consequently, mobile security does not feature high on their list of priorities, which I believe should happen ASAP, says Pekka Usva.

Leverage Social Technologies for Enterprise Collaboration

It’s time enterprises moved past traditional collaboration tools and deployed social technologies.