Salesforce at 15: Industry disruptor wards off midlife crisis

Some signs indicate that is having a few growing pains, as well as showing some trappings of the mega-vendors it once mocked with its "End of Software" marketing campaign.

What Kind of Tablet does $5,000 Get You?

Can your tablet withstand a 2-meter drop or be submerged in water for 30 minutes and keep functioning? The new $5,000 tablets from Xplore Technologies can.

How MDM Works -- or Doesn't Work -- for SMBs

Not every company is big enough to implement traditional MDM solutions, but the smaller ones are still trying to find ways to manage their corporate data.

Ex-Juniper Ravi Chauhan Lands up at SAP as India MD

Chauhan was previously managing director for Juniper Networks India. He quit the networking firm in the beginning of the year after a stint of 4.5 years.   

Four Reasons Why Microsoft is a New Company under Nadella

Here are four surprising things Microsoft has embraced publicly in the past week or so that reveal a new and better company.

One-on-one with Kaseya’s Global CEO Yogesh Gupta

Computerworld India took some one-on-one time with Kaseya’s new CEO Yogesh Gupta, to discuss where he wants to take Kaseya in the coming years and how he plans to do it.

While Heartbleed Distracts, Hackers Hit US Universities

The panic over the Heartbleed bug is proving to be a convenient distraction for hackers using standard techniques in a fresh wave of attacks targeting at least 18 U.S. universities.

Cisco Announces Managed Security Service, New Ops Centers

Cisco announced Managed Threat Defense, a set of security services for the enterprise that Cisco is providing through two new operations centers.

Windows XP is Still Running Thousands of Websites Worldwide

It's not just desktop users who refuse to move on from Windows XP. Thousands of websites are still enamored with the now-unsupported OS, too.

Google Envisions Glass in Businesses

Google wants to put its Glass headmounted computer system to work.

Apple Details $2.2B Damages Claim Against Samsung

Apple began to lay out its US$2.2 billion damages claim against Samsung Electronics for the first time, arguing to an eight-person jury in California that Samsung's alleged patent infringement was large and significantly damaged Apple.

Microsoft Requires Migration to Windows 8.1 Update within 5 Weeks

Windows 8.1 users have a narrow window to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Update, the refresh that begins rolling out to customers on Tuesday, to continue receiving future bug fixes, patches and enhancements.

Cloud, Big Data Raises Spectre of Insider Data Theft: Ovum

There is a growing risk of data theft from insiders, according to analyst Ovum.

MongoDB 2.6 Hits General Availability

MongoDB’s most significant release to date focuses on simplicity and reliability to operations, re-architecting of major server components and enterprise-grade security.

Compatibility with Security: How to Run Windows XP in a Virtual Machine

While most Windows XP software works just fine in Windows 8, some applications do indeed have compatibility issues. Fortunately, there's a way you can run any Windows XP software at all, using virtualization.

Printing is Coming, but Microsoft's Office for iPad Still Requires O365

If Microsoft plans to decouple Office for the iPad from Office 365, the team is keeping it a closely guarded secret. But printing seems to be on its way.

Intel and SGI Test Full-Immersion Fluid Cooling for Servers

Intel and SGI have been testing a supercomputer that's kept cool by submerging the electronics completely in fluid, a system they say can dramatically reduce energy bills.

The Real Security Lesson Windows XP Taught us is to Challenge Our Assumptions

As support for Windows XP comes to an official end, the real security lesson is hidden. Broader than what to do about it today is the consideration of what it means for the future.

Windows XP: Chronicle of a Death Foretold

When Microsoft ends support for Windows XP, a security sinkhole will likely open and gradually widen, threatening hundreds of millions of PCs worldwide in homes, companies, government agencies and schools.