Apple is making the same old mistakes with its over-the-top Services demands

With the imminent launch of Apple's news and video services, a picture of Apple's strategy is beginning to emerge and it's not so pretty.

6 blockchain trends in 2019

2018 was yet another big year for blockchain. Organisations across many industries from retail to shipping are using the technology to counter disruptive threats, and push into new markets to create new revenue streams.

Ginni Rometty on the future of hybrid cloud, AI and IBM

The next phase of the cloud landscape will be hybrid, driven by mission critical applications and underpinned by trust and responsible stewardship.

Appetite for inclusion: How ThoughtWorks helps LGBT employees be themselves

“2014 me didn’t know he was a girl,” recounts Effy Elden, a software developer based in Melbourne. “But then…well, the Internet happened.”

The long, slow death of commercial Unix

Unix was the standard for mission-critical computing. Now it’s clinging for life. How will it end?

Organizations reimagine business productivity with Oracle Autonomous Database

Organizations using Oracle Autonomous Database come from diverse industries such as banking, consulting, digital commerce, and unconventional sectors like footwear and spices. 

Coming soon: On-premises 5G gear for enterprises

As 5G networks become a reality, vendors including D-Link, Inseego, Netgear and Samsung are readying 5G gateways, routers and mobile hotspots

Cisco calls on governments to make privacy a fundamental human right

Networking giant Cisco wants governments globally to take privacy more serious and make it a "fundamental human right".

Why the Telegraph is going all in on Google Cloud Platform

The Telegraph is migrating the vast majority of its technology stack to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) this year, marking a clear move away from the market leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) in an attempt to drive more paying subscribers, deliver its news content faster, leverage Google's machine learning technology and, of course, cut costs.

How IBM Research innovates how it innovates

IBM’s R&D arm – IBM Research – is the largest industrial research organisation in the world. With a history stretching back to 1945, when Thomas J. Watson Sr established the first corporate laboratory dedicated to pure scientific research in the world, its inventions include the hard disk drive, the ATM, the smartphone, the portable computer, the magnetic stripe card, the relational database and the technology behind laser eye surgery.

Outlook vs Gmail: What is the best email service for your business?

Microsoft Outlook and Google's Gmail are two of the most popular email services on the market today, and likely to be the most recommended for both business and personal use.

Google Assistant's interpreter mode is now available

The real-time interpretation function Google previewed at CES is beginning to roll out to Google Assistant.