Amid calls for a Windows bug status dashboard, Microsoft belatedly agrees to build one

The move, expected to roll out in 2019, comes in the aftermath of the company's botched rollout of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

Understanding the risks of SAP’s cloud vision and SAP S/4HANA

Over many years, SAP has built a reputation as a safe bet among enterprise resource planning systems and Australian businesses are increasingly moving their systems over to the software giant: SAP’s local executives recently revealed that the company passed the $1bn revenue milestone for the first time in Australia in 2017.

Did IBM overhype Watson Health's AI promise?

IBM's Watson Health division has been under fire for not delivering on its promise to use AI to enable smarter, more personalized medicine. But IBM officials maintain that hospitals are seeing benefits.

Cisco fuses SD-WAN, security and cloud services

Cisco secures SD-WAN software, bolsters cloud-based Office 365 application access, and offers DevNet SD-WAN development options.

How Google is looking to ensure AI development is ethical and fair

Following the announcement earlier this week of Google Cloud's AI Hub and Kubeflow Pipelines tools, Rajen Sheth, director of product management for Cloud AI, has outlined how the technology giant is working to ensure that its AI work is ethical and fair.

What SAP's USD 8 billion acquisition of Utah-based SaaS company Qualtrics means

erman enterprise software giant SAP swooped in last night to purchase Utah-based unicorn Qualtrics for $8 billion, just as the SaaS survey platform was preparing for an IPO.

Seagate is testing a blockchain ledger to track hard drives

Seagate and IBM have partnered to build a blockchain distributed ledger to track tens of millions of hard drives as they move through the supply chain from array manufacturers to technology integrators.

Cisco-AWS marriage simplifies hybrid-cloud app development

Amazon Web Services and Cisco have teamed to help customers build apps in the cloud or data centers and move easily between the two.

FIFA hack threatens further embarrassment to football's governing body

The computer systems of FIFA have been hacked once again and the football federation is braced for more damaging leaks of confidential information.

UK health startup Medopad bets on the future of mobile health tech

Since the first crop of fitness trackers and wearables launched some years ago, the quantified self movement has continued to grow apace. Today, the latest edition of the Apple Watch integrates such an array of advanced health functions - most notably a heart rate tracker - that it actually qualifies as an FDA-approved medical device. Right now, all this portable health tech is targeted towards healthy, fitness conscious consumers, but will its primary function in future be monitoring health conditions?