Trello adds IFTTT-style automation with Butler buy

Butler, a 'Power-Up' created in 2016 for Trello, will allow users to create their own rules to automate tasks.

SAP takes on intelligent RPA following Contextor acquisition

Enterprise software giant SAP is bringing to market what it calls an intelligent form of robotic process automation (RPA), following its recent acquisition of French firm Contextor SAS.

LinkedIn: Blockchain developer is the No. 1 emerging job

Echoing a number of similar reports this year, the career and professional social site says listings for blockchain developers have exploded. The reason: continued interest in cryptocurrency.

Juniper CTO talks cloud, high-speed networking

Juniper CTO Bikash Koley looks at disaggregation, cloud computing and intent-based networking as he looks toward 2019.

Microsoft Teams gains ground on team chat rival Slack

The Spiceworks report claims that Teams is set for the fastest growth of all business chat apps over the next two years.

Real estate blockchain set to go live in early '19

Set to go live in the first quarter of 2019, the application allows sellers, buyers and real estate reps to see all offers and acceptances in real time online.

How London's Camden borough uses data to transform public services

As constant streams of people and vehicles flow around London, so does data: Millions of data points are generated each time a Londoner steps out of their front door, and the council, with their thousands of residents and multiplicity of services, must be one of the most adept organisations at harnessing these.

Is an SD-WAN managed service right for you?

Managed SD-WAN can be an appropriate solution for the enterprise, but due diligence is necessary to determine if it is the best fit.

Docker CEO Steve Singh on the firm's drive to enterprise and the future of open source

Ex-SAP executive, Concur founder and Docker CEO Steve Singh speaks about the growing enterprise business case for the container specialist and outline his expectations for the future of open infrastructure. 

Microsoft gets explicit about Windows 10 upgrade blockers

Relying in part on the telemetry it receives from Windows 10 computers, Microsoft is getting more aggressive in blocking PCs from getting problematic updates.