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Lenovo is bringing supercomputing and AI to the mid-market: Kirk Skaugen

From hyperscale to supercomputing, from software-defined to AI, Lenovo’s reorganized GTM brought about a 400 percent YoY growth for the company.

Decoding GST: How e-way bill can bring tax evasion to a screeching halt

With the first e-way bill rollout turning out to be a damp squib and being recalled eventually, there’s a lot riding on e-way bill’s redeployment. Here’s a look at the significance of e-way bill and why the invoice matching mechanism is key to battling tax evasion.

Why industry and academia believe data liquidity is key to AI growth in India

Industry and academia join together to find answers to the most critical questions the enterprise has around AI.

BFSI bets on blockchain and ML to sort the bad debt mess

IT heads across the Indian banking space are turning towards blockchain and machine learning to solve BFSI’s raging migraine – Non-performing assets.

The most sought after cybersecurity skills in 2018

The ever-evolving threat landscape has made it imperative for security professionals to stay on top of the latest security tools. Here’s a look at the most sought after cybersecurity skills in 2018

Emerging technologies to combat new age threats

Given the new age threat landscape, CIOs and CSOs across the board can no longer bank upon a fortified periphery that would protect the organization’s crown jewels.

What India Inc. wants from Union Budget 2018

From preferential tax rates to driving ‘ease of doing business’, here’s what the Indian enterprise and startup ecosystem expect from the Union Budget.

Can algorithms really tackle the fake news fiasco?

With social media taking the connected world by storm, one particular aftermath that created a fair bit of furore was fake news. Here is a look at how the tech giants are trying to contain fake news with the help of algorithms.

Metadata is becoming ubiquitous: Anil Chakravarthy, Informatica

In an exclusive interaction, the CEO of Informatica throws light on what CIOs need to do to drive a data-centric culture in their organizations.

Oracle’s new licensing model could give AWS a run for its money

Oracle’s ‘Bring Your Own License’ program, coupled with its Universal Credit model adds serious fire power in the cloud war. Our talk with channel partners and Oracle India’s CTO sheds light on why this strategy could be a game changer.

5 ways India Inc. can tackle the IoT skill gap

With IoT units in India expected to see a 31-fold growth, reaching 1.9 billion by 2020, the biggest challenge now is to bridge the looming gap in the skilled workforce.

India bright on 5G and IoT; likely to have 5G from the day of roll out

India was late by three to seven years in deploying 2G, 3G, and 4G. That won’t be the case with 5G and IoT, the department of telecommunications tells us. We are likely to have 5G from the time it is deployed.