Google Lens: 6 new features we can't wait to try out

With everything from text recognition to real-time results, Google Lens is leaping into the future.

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Disrupt or be disrupted: ROI of digital transformation

Any organization with hopes of growing (or even doing business) in the future must adopt new tools, platforms and processes to thrive in the ever-changing world of technology. Digital transformation is happening in every industry, at every level of government and in academia far faster than most experts predicted.

Slowly, the 'Nokia' Brand Heads for the Door

Microsoft isn't just gutting Nokia with 12,500 layoffs; it's also taking steps to phase out the Nokia brand name.

1 in 5 Small Businesses Still Use Windows XP: Survey

A survey by antivirus firm Bitdefender finds that 18% of SMBs are still using Windows XP despite the end of support from Microsoft and the near-apocalyptic predictions that led up to its end of life.

Study: 7 in 10 Concerned About Security of Internet-of-Things

The Internet-of-Things is a thing. We're in the early stages of an explosion of technology that will connect, monitor, and in some cases share almost every aspect of our lives. Fortinet conducted a survey of consumers to find out what people think about the security and privacy concerns of the IoT.

Amazon Flow: Try Firefly on Your Existing Phone (Sort Of)

One of the most impressive features of Amazon's soon-to-launch Fire Phone is Firefly, Amazon's answer to real-time discovery. At first, it just sounded like a glorified barcode scanner, but once in action, it's clear that it's a scanner on steroids--it's lightning-fast and super accurate.

Hands on With the Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon's Fire Phone is unlike any other handset. Physically, yeah, it's a slab of glass, and it feels like a basic--but well made--Android phone. The difference happens when you press the wake button, and the Dynamic Perspective effect kicks in.

Defend Yourself Against Football World Cup Scams

The 2014 World Cup tournament kicked off today in Brazil. Soccer or football is the most popular sport in the world, and billions of people will be following the matches closely.

Latest eBay Flaw Is A Rookie Mistake for A Website

Less than a week after eBay revealed it was the victim of a massive data breach, researchers have discovered that it is vulnerable to serious flaws that could allow an attacker to access user accounts.