Would you like VR with your pizza? Chuck E. Cheese to test Oculus Rift at its restaurants

It has been decades since I set foot inside a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant--eateries promising family fun don't really cater to gentlemen in their early 40s unaccompanied by children. So my memories of the place tend to be frozen-in-amber recollections of skee-ball machines, whack-a-mole games, and audio-animatronic animals singing along to songs about pizza.

Attack of the Clones: Detect Fake Antimalware with These Tips

Last month the Virus Shield Android app was outed as fraud, and this week Kaspersky announced the discovery of a pair of fake apps using its name in the Google and Windows Phone app stores.

How to Save Big Bucks on Office 365
So now you're stuck paying $10 a month or $100 a year for an Office 365 Home subscription, right? Not exactly. If you know a few tricks, you can get some free time on your subscription, and also save money over Microsoft's standard yearly rate.
IE Zero Day is the First Sign of the XPocalypse
The browser vulnerability is just the first of many to come in the post-Microsoft support era.
Wearables Sales Tripled in a Year--and Will Grow 500 Percent by 2018: IDC

Anyone who follows consumer tech news already knows that wearables are all the rage. But are they selling? Research firm IDC says it has answers, reporting that sales of wearables have more than tripled in one year's time.

Rumor: Samsung is Developing a Smartwatch with an Integrated SIM

Samsung's mobile portfolio is already crowded with wrist-worn wearables, including the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit. Yet now there's a rumor afloat that it's adding another smartwatch to its arsenal: the Gear Solo.

Bharti Airtel Finally Says “Yes” To IBM, But With Caveats
Bharti Airtel has taken a pragmatic and obvious approach for the new contract with IBM.
A Closer Look at Your Windows XP Investment

Nothing lasts forever. We expect that we'll get years of use out of our cars, refrigerators, and mattresses but that eventually they'll need to be replaced, usually with newer, better models. We've now reached that point with Windows XP PCs.