Zenga Reaps Rewards by Embracing the Cloud

Eric Ernest June 15, 2012
Zenga Reaps Rewards by Embracing the Cloud
Moving to the cloud has resulted in significant cost savings of almost 80% for Zenga, a major player in live video streaming service arena.

Remember when people in Bangalore felt the tremors of the earthquake that happened off Indonesian the coast around April? That was quite an unexpected and rather jolting experience. No matter where you were - at home or the office - people wanted to know the extent of the problem and what further problems, if any, were to be expected in the coming hours. People were accessing the internet either through a PC or through their mobiles and were checking up on the relevant information and updates.

Having the ability to access content, especially video streaming, on your mobiles is a real boon for the end consumer. However if you are the service provider, there are the issues that go together with providing such services which can either financially make or break a video streaming company. How much storage are you going to allocate for the video streaming; how are you going to deal with sudden surges in traffic; These are some of the infrastructure related issues that companies in the video streaming spectrum have to come up with a workable solution for.

Consider the earthquake tremor scenario mentioned in the beginning. The number of viewers trying to access a particular news channel might suddenly increase in a matter of hours if not mere minutes. How will a company deal with such a rapid increase in video demand without stretching it's infrastructure to the limits?

Being able to provide a good experience to your customer and making sure that your operations are running in a successful and financially viable way is what all companies aim for. As Shabir Momin, CEO Zenga Media, points out, many companies in the media streaming business are currently running on losses. So how did Zenga manage to reduce their operational costs and not compromise on the user experience?

The Organization
Having initially set up Zenga Media in 2008, all the services -- including a push mail service called Zenga Mail -- were run from the local datacenter. They were going to experience first-hand the variety of problems that accompany having to manage a local datacentre. As Momin put it, managing a datacenter was "a very tough, expensive and cumbersome job ... (you have) to deal with the smallest to the largest of issues."