KPIT Migrates to Next Gen OS to Improve User Productivity
KPIT’s need to stay ahead of the game sees them migrate to a new OS that helps them improve employee productivity.
YES Bank Achieves Enhanced Customer Experience with BI
The bank's IT team led by Shetty designed and implemented an in-house platform to provide a holistic single interface for the complete spectrum of its customer engagements.
How McDonald's Uses an Integrated Technology Platform to Ensure Seamless Service Delivery
The strength of McDonald's service delivery to the customer depends on an integrated platform that works seamlessly within franchisee restaurants.
Chola MS Implemets a Potent CRM to Enhance Customer Experience

Chola MS has a large set of existing customers which has the potential to propel the insurance company on the fast lane to growth. But, the one thing that could put a spoke in the wheel was the lack of a single view of the customer.

NSAIL Utilizes In-House Resources to Create an Efficient Planning Module
Pankaj Verma, VP-IT, NSAIL created a planning module in-house - instead of going for an off-the-shelf product - and saved close to Rs 1 crore for the company.
Chemicals Manaufacturing Major Goes Open Source for Data Warehousing
Rajat Sharma, President-IT, Atul Limited took the open source route for his data warehousing solution and saved 16.2 crore over three years in TCO.
Adhunik Group Moves its HRMS Onto the Cloud
Here's how Sanjeev Kumar, CIO, Adhunik Group successfully managed to bring the CEOs and department heads of the various business units and plants onto the same page.
How Gulf Air Adopted Do-It-Yourself Big Data
Big Data is so young in its infancy, that CIOs -- whilst enthused by the technology -- simply cannot justify the investment it warrants at this stage. With the airline evolving towards restructuring, and opening and closing routes, Dr Jassim Haji, IT Director of Gulf Air was determined to draw value from the hordes of comments they were getting on social media.
Data Visualization Helped Madras Cements Turn Big Data into Big Ideas
A simple change in the way you visualize data can lead you to a new world of insights as Madras Cements discovered.
How NABARD Reduced Downtime by Building a New Datacenter
Stuck with legacy infrastructure, NABARD was battling downtime and struggling to support business growth. Here’s how the bank’s IT head changed that.