Apple iPhone 5

iPhone 5: How Does it Stack Up Against the Competition?

We compare Apple's latest iPhone with the Samsung Galaxy SIII, HTC One X, Moto Droid Razr HD, Nokia Lumia 920 and 820.

iPhone 5 Camera Features Better Resolution, Better Low-Light Performance

Apple's new iPhone 5 sports a better, faster camera with enhanced still and video capabilities and improved low-light performance.

New Apple EarPods Look to Improve on Headphones of Old

Alongside its new iPhone and iPod models, Apple also unveiled a new set of earphones.

iPhone 5 and CIOs: What Apple's Latest Phone Brings to the Enterprise

When the iPhone 5 finally lands on store shelves September 21, CIOs can expect calls from employees telling them their corporate-owned iPhones suddenly slipped from their hands and smashed to pieces on the concrete.

Apple Unveils Lighter, Faster, Bigger iPhone 5

Apple CEO Tim Cook and other company executives unveiled the iPhone 5, a faster, slimmer upgrade that for the first time in the five-year history of the smartphone, boasts a larger screen of 4 inches.

Apple Announces 4-inch iPhone 5

As was widely expected, Apple on Wednesday unveiled the iPhone 5, the newest entrant into its smartphone lineup.

Apple's Fundamental iPhone 5 Problem

After 18 months of iPhone rumors and inventions, how can Apple possibly deliver on the public's expectations?


Video Of Fully Assembled iPhone 5 Leaked, Most Detailed Insight Yet

Photographs of an iPhone 5 assembled from leaked parts have been revealed, and a video of what appears to be a fully-assembled iPhone 5 from a Japanese blog.

Apple Announces Major iTunes Upgrade

Apple has announced a major update to its iTunes multimedia jukebox and syncing software, with a simplified user interface, the ability to play media from iCloud, a new MiniPlayer, a redesigned iTunes Store, and more.

Everything You Want to Know About Apple's iPhone 5

Most analysts believe that the new iPhone will house a Qualcomm chip that lets the phone connect with several flavors of 3G GSM and 4G LTE.

iPhone 5 Images Leaked

Leaked images of the iPhone 5 are probably number one on the web's most wanted list right now and people all over the world are a little bit excited to see what the world's most successful smartphone will look like next.

Apple iPhone 5 To Boost Mobile Sales in Second Half of 2012

The iPhone 5 will help drive a stronger second half of the year in Western Europe and North America, according to Gartner

Apple Wants the Domain

Files claim with U.N. arbitration agency to take control of URL

iPhone 5 Will Put Galaxy S III to Shame: Foxconn CEO

He also called Samsung "a company with a track record of snitching on its competitors".

iPhone 5 Rumors for the Week Ending May 18

Zombies, that bigger screen, the anchor that is 4S … and more