Apple vs Samsung Patent Dispute

Significance of Apple-Samsung Verdict

Friday’s ruling may not be the last word on the matter, as Samsung can appeal the case. But even if the immediate impacts aren’t that dramatic, the long-term consequences could be.

Apple Intends to Block Eight Samsung Products After Win

Apple filed for preliminary injunctions against seven Galaxy smartphones and the Droid Charge.

Video Testimony, Emails Were Persuasive, Apple-Samsung Jurors Say

The jury foreman says testimony from Samsung executives made it 'absolutely' clear the patent infringement was on purpose.

Jury Didn't Shirk its Duty in Apple Trial, Expert Says

The jury in the Apple-Samsung trial appears to have reached a reasoned, if quick, decision, according to one legal expert.

Samsung Expected to Modify Designs After $1B Jury Award to Apple

While it's legal battle with Apple goes on, Samsung and other cell phone makers are expected to make changes to future Android smartphone and tablet designs to avoid further patent litigation.

Apple Wins Landmark Case; Samsung Hit With $1B Damages

Samsung violated several of Apple's design and technology patents, a jury has found. Observers had expected the jury to deliberate for longer.

Apple-Samsung Jury Lengthen Deliberations

As it begins a second day of deliberations in the Apple v. Samsung patent battle, the jury charged with evaluating the case has decided to work an extra hour.

Apple-Samsung Patent Battle Outcome Rests in Jury's Hands

Closing arguments are over in the high-profile patent battle.

Apple-Samsung Patent Trial Enters Closing Arguments Phase

Closing arguments have begun in the high-profile patent-infringement case between Apple and Samsung.

Apple-Samsung Jury to Answer 700+ Questions on Verdict Form

The verdict form, a tentative version of which was filed to the San Jose District Court on Monday, runs to 22 pages and has 36 main questions.

Samsung vs. Apple: Top 5 Revelations So Far

Court documents in the patent battle between the two industry heavyweights are unveiling insider ideas the companies didn't mean to share.

Samsung May Face Court Penalty Over Lawyer's Oversight

Samsung could face penalties from the U.S. District Court in Northern California after one of its lawyers involved in the patent battle against Apple admitted that she hadn't filed the paperwork necessary to practice law in front of the court.

Apple-Samsung Trial: Two Upcoming Samsung Windows Phone 8 Devices Revealed

Court documents reveal that Samsung is planning to launch two Windows 8 smartphones this year.

Apple Pushed Expert Witnesses to Change Their Minds, Says Samsung

Samsung accused Apple of improperly influencing expert witnesses, following the amendment of an expert report delivered to the Korean company's legal team.

Apple vs. Samsung: The Truth Shall Set Us Free

Apple must admit Samsung didn't steal iPad design, says U.K. judge. Cringely predicts more tech confessions will be exposed.

Judge Turns Down Apple's Punishment Request Against Samsung

The judge in Apple's patent-infringement suit against Samsung Electronics turned down Apple's request that she rule in its favor as punishment for an improper disclosure by Samsung.

Apple-Samsung Trial Reveals 7-inch iPad Vision, 'Purple Project'

Apple considered developing a car or a camera after seeing the iPod's success, and in early 2011 one of its top executives recommended making a 7-inch iPad, it's testimony and documents revealed in the company's patent suit against Samsung.

Apple to Ask Court to Punish Samsung for Releasing Documents in iPhone Suit

Apple will ask a federal court to sanction Samsung Electronics for releasing documents that were not allowed as evidence in the companies' dueling patent-infringement suits.

Apple and Samsung Claim Innovator Status in Opening of Patent Trial

Apple and Samsung Electronics hurled strong statements at each other in the opening rounds of their Silicon Valley patent trial on Tuesday, kicking off a case that could result in billions of dollars in damages.

Apple v. Samsung: How it was explained to the jury

US Judge Lucy Koh provided jurors with details about the case and its implications.

Apple-Samsung Patent Trial to Hear Opening Arguments Today

Apple is seeking $2.5 billion in damages from Samsung in a high-profile clash between the two companies

Apple's Court Filings Reveal iPhone, iPod Early Prototypes

Photos of early Apple prototypes are among the most recent documents submitted to a California court.

Apple vs Samsung Patent Trial: What's at Stake

Massive Apple-Samsung mobile patent trial starts in US on Monday.

Apple Claims Samsung Doesn't Know What Goes on in its Chips

Apple asserts there is more than one way to implement an industry standard that does not violate Samsung's patent.

Apple Infringed Eight Patents: Samsung

Samsung filed a response to Apple's complaint in a federal court in California

'Tech Companies Have No Claim to Intellectual Property', Apple's Patent Judge

Posner believes that technology companies do not have any claim to intellectual property protection.

Apple Loses Patent Battle Against Samsung Galaxy Tab in UK

Samsung Galaxy Tab branded 'not as cool' as iPad.

Apple to Seek 'Billions' From Samsung in Patent Case

Apple will seek billions of dollars in damages from Samsung when a high-profile patent lawsuit between the companies goes in front of a California jury next week.

Apple, Samsung Agree to Patent Settlement Conference

The CEOs and general counsels of the two companies are scheduled to meet within 90 days

Apple, Samsung Drop Few Patent Claims

The move will help simplify the litigation between the two companies when it goes in front of a California jury next Monday.

CEOs of Apple, Samsung to Meet to Resolve Patent Dispute

The court ordered a summit Monday intended to hash out the companies' differences and try to end their international patent wars.

Court Refused Samsung Stay on Injunction Against U.S. Sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1

The court had earlier ordered an injunction against sales of the tablet in the U.S.

Samsung Seeks Stay on Injunction Against Galaxy Nexus Smartphone

The court had in a separate order issued a preliminary injunction against sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.

Documents in Patent Case Must be Public, Court Tells Apple, Samsung

The court won't let lawyers play musical chairs during the case but did accept a change in the label used for each party.

'Highly Confidential' iPad & iPhone Prototype Photos from early-2000s Revealed

The prototypes revealed in the Samsung vs Apple trial show what could have been, including an iPad with a built-in kickstand, and eight-sided iPhone.

Germany Court: Apple Denied Sales Ban on Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab

Apple was denied an injunction against Samsung's Galaxy Nexus and the adjusted Galaxy Tab 10.1N by the higher court of Munich.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Banned in Europe by German Appeals Court

A ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, a tweaked version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, was lifted in Germany.

No Extension of Trial in Samsung-Apple Case

California judge rejects bid for longer trial in Samsung-Apple case in which they battle over patents in front of a San Jose jury starting Monday


Samsung: Apple Refused to Negotiate Licensing of 3G Patents

Apple and Samsung started a patent trial in Federal Court in Australia on Monday.

Samsung Galaxy S III Loses Local Search Feature, Patent Suit To Blame

Apple sued Samsung over its use of local search, and in July won a temporary sales ban on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Google says Apple-Samsung Decision Doesn't Relate to Android

The jury's decision Friday in the landmark Samsung-Apple patent battle doesn't relate to the core of the Android mobile operating system, Google said in a brief statement Monday.

Apple-Samsung Verdict Doesn't Give Microsoft the Win

One trial ends, but the patent wars continue and the long-term effect on the smartphone market is yet to be revealed.

In Aftermath of Samsung-Apple Ruling, Nokia Stands on Solid Ground

The Windows Phone interface offers a distinctly different appearance and operation.