Big Data


Hadoop is the Vital Ingredient for Big Data Solutions

As more and more companies use Hadoop to handle big data, anticipation for forthcoming Version 2.0 grows.

Facebook Uses Hadoop to Handle Big Data

The social networking giant stores over 100 PB of data in Hadoop clusters.

Does VMware's Approach Signal That Big Data Is Ready for Prime Time?

Deploying, configuring and maintaining Hadoop clusters is challenging and time-intensive, but VMware aims to change that with a new open source project that virtualizes the Hadoop cluster and makes it ready for the cloud.


Five Things CIO's Should Know About Big Data

You may not think you have petabytes of data worth analyzing, but you will, if you don't already. We break down the 5 things CIOs need to know, now.


Dealing With Big Data

How to smartly harvest data by leveraging the new trends in data analytics and help leaders make effective decisions cutting across various business functions.


5 Ways to Prepare for Big Data With Scale-Out NAS

The most important aspect of scale-out NAS from the perspective of managing big data is that you can add storage rapidly and cheaply.

How to Get a Hot Job in Big Data

The big data revolution is creating a new breed of business-IT jobs -- and threatening to destabilize dyed-in-the-wool IT careers


How To Implement Next-Generation Storage Infrastructure For Big Data

Managing the petabyte-scale and larger data stores that are a fact of life with Big Data is a different beast than managing traditional large-scale data infrastructures. Online photo site Shutterfly--which manages more than 30 petabytes of data--shares its strategy for taming the storage beast.

Use Hadoop Effectively to Show Output

Hadoop shouldn't replace your current data infrastructure, only augment it. Here's when it makes sense, when it doesn't, and what you can expect to pay.