Google I/O 2012

Google+ Receives Incremental Update

The company rolled out incremental improvements to its social network platform while adding social elements to its other offerings.

Google Rolls Out Chrome Browser Improvements, Chrome and Google Drive for iOS, Chromebooks Go On Sale

Google rolled out a series of improvements to some of its core web products today at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Google Unveils IaaS Compute Engine

The Google Compute Engine will offer Linux virtual machines.

New Google Nexus Devices Fail to Address Android's Big Failings says Research Firm Ovum

Claims even the new version of Android Jelly Bean is not enough to salvage the device from lack of compelling apps and content optimised for the tablet.

Google Nexus 7 Could Significantly Influence the Great Tablet Wars

Android still has a long way to go to best Apple. But the arrival of the Nexus 7, with Android 4.1 as its OS, may shake up the market.

Google Shows Off it's Computerized Glasses at I/O

Google uses skydivers, daredevils to introduce $1,500 prototype of Google Glass.

Google Unveils Nexus 7 Tablet, Jelly Bean and Spherical Nexus Q Device for Home Use

New tablet is 'built for Google Play,' a media repository in the cloud.

Google Now Boosts Search, Aims for Apple's Siri

Analysts warn new voice feature could be helpful, kind of creepy.

Google Reveals Android 4.1 'Jelly Bean'; Will be Pushed out in July

Android 4.1 will be the successor to the current Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android.

Google Gives All I/O Attendees a Tablet, Phone and Q cloud Streaming Device

The roughly 6,000 I/O attendees will walk away with some shiny new hardware.


Google I/O 2012: A Preview

Nobody knows for sure what Google has planned, but here's a rundown of the highlights expected and wished for during the Google I/O 2012 event for developers.

Google Should Champion Android at I/O Conference, Analysts Advice

Analysts expect to see a Google tablet and possibly some integration of Google's Android and Chrome OSes.

Google Expected to Unveil 7-inch Nexus Tablet This Week

With Google's developers conference just days away, more details about a tablet with the search giant's brand expected to be announced at the event have begun to leak out.

Google I/O Updates: Check Out The Nexus tablet 7, Nexus Q and Jelly Bean, the new Android OS

Google kicks off its developers conference in San Francisco with new products and buzz.