IPv6 Transition

IPv6 is the New Normal for the Internet

World IPv6 Launch Day participants urge enterprises to ramp up next-gen Internet deployments.

IPv6: Five Things You Should Know

IPv6 is going live today. Find out why IPv6 is important, and whether or not you need to be concerned about the switch.

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Why The Internet Hungers for IPv6

Explosive growth of Internet users, devices, apps creates demand for more IP addresses.

Rehearsals Over, IPv6 Goes Prime Time On June 6

14 years after next-gen Internet Protocol was created, World IPv6 Launch Day looms.

Abort Your IPv6 Launch If You're Not Prepared

For all its security benefits, IPv6 can open holes in your network if you haven't planned properly.

Many Big-name Web Sites Sitting Out World IPv6 Launch

Twitter is among those who won't be making the move to IPv6 today.


5 major changes facing the Internet in 2012

Technical operations, policymaking could change significantly this year

Business Continuity Emerges as Latest IPv6 Killer App

IPv6 proponents have floated many potential killer apps over the years besides the inevitable exhaustion of IPv4 address space.

Apple's IPv6 Misstep Is A Sign Of The Times

Many network vendors lack 'feature parity' between IPv4 and IPv6 offerings.

Sales Of Unused IPv4 Addresses Gathering Steam

ISPs hedge bets on IPv6; snap up unused IPv4 address space from bankrupt tech firms.