Microsoft Surface, The Tablet

How Microsoft Surface Tablets Compare in a Crowded Market

Analysis: The ARM-based Surface for Windows RT may compete with other tablets, but the Surface for Windows Pro will more likely go up against Ultrabooks.

Microsoft Surface Tablets May Not Match iPad Battery Life

Rough estimates put battery lifespan at between 6 and 12.5 hours, depending on the model and OS.

Microsoft Surface Could Totally Change the Tablet and PC Markets

At face value the Surface tablet seems to compete with the iPad, but the reality is that it could change both the tablet and PC markets.

Spec Comparison: Microsoft Surface vs. Apple iPad

How Microsoft's Surface tablet matches up against the latest iPad, by the numbers.

5 Questions About Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft's Surface tablet looked good at its introduction, but questions about pricing, arrival and connectivity remain unanswered.

Microsoft Surface in Pictures

Microsoft's introduction of its Surface tablet generated buzz like no other we've seen from Microsoft. "We're very proud of Surface just like we're very proud of Windows 8. The Surface is a PC, a tablet and new," said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Here's a look at some of the tablet's features.

Microsoft May Alienate Hardware Partners With New Tablets

Microsoft's new Surface tablets could bite into sales of tablets from Windows 8 and Windows RT licensees.


Why Microsoft is Smart to Produce its Own Tablet

The software leader has produced its own hardware before, but never competing with the platforms that run Windows.

Microsoft Will Build its Own Tablet, the Surface

The company unveiled tablets running Windows 8 and Windows RT at a press conference in Los Angeles

Analyst: Microsoft 'Own Worst Enemy' in Bold Tablet Move

Forrester analyst worries that the dual-OS strategy will confuse buyers

Analysts: Microsoft's Surface Tablet Poses No Threat to Apple's iPad

Price may be major stumbling block to real competition, but Windows tablet could be enterprise winner, say experts.

Microsoft Might Unveil Self-Manufactured Windows RT Tablet

Microsoft has invited news media to L.A. event Monday and there are many more rumours doing the rounds.

Looking at Microsoft's Surface from an iPad perspective

Impressive as some features may be, Microsoft's tablet won't threaten the iPad.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Unveiled, Targets Apple iPad

A new product was announced in Los Angeles this Monday. Microsoft targets Apple with its own tablet, called 'Surface.' (Reporting by Kerry Davis)