Microsoft Windows 8


Windows 8 Nears Release: What's Good, What's Bad

Microsoft lifts the Windows 8 kimono one last time before the finish line. Here are the improvements and inconsistencies.

Windows 8 Release Preview is Out Now

Microsoft also announced details of a program to offer Windows 8 at a discount to consumers who buy Windows 7 PCs

Microsoft Elaborates on Windows 8 Upgrade Program for Consumers

People who buy Windows 7 PCs between June 2 and the end of January will qualify to upgrade the OS to Windows 8 at a discount

Windows 8 Preview: Not Much Fun Without A Touchscreen

The downside of running Windows 8 Consumer Preview with a mouse and keyboard.

Windows 8 Hybrid Laptop-Tablets Take the Spotlight at Computex

The first laptops out of the gate at one of Asia's largest tech shows are Windows 8 tablets with detachable docks from Asus and Acer.

Microsoft Bows Down to BYOD with Windows 8 Enterprise

Consumerization threatens the hegemony of Windows by pushing people to other devices that don't run it.

Microsoft Anti-Bloatware Service to Apply to Windows 8 PCs, too

$99 'Signature Upgrade,' done in company's retail stores, scrubs junk from machines

Test Driving Windows 8 RP: Hardware Is A Challenge

Windows 7 machines don't guarantee a good Windows 8 experience.

Microsoft Promises an End to Endless Reboots in Windows 8

OS kicks out to recovery tools after second boot failure.

Microsoft to Developers: Building Metro Apps for ARM the Same as for Intel PCs

As company preps Windows OS to run on ARM hardware, it assures developers that their x86/64 experience will translate.

Microsoft Touts Corporate Tools in Windows 8 Enterprise

'Windows to Go' runs images of company desktops on workers' personal PCs.

Dell: Windows 8 Touchscreen Devices To Be Priced Higher

Windows 8 PCs and laptops with touchscreens will cost a bit more to buy, says Michael Dell.

Microsoft: Win8 Simplifies, Improves Parental Monitoring of Kids Computer Activities

New OS makes it easier for parents to keep tabs on and control their children's PC and online usage, says Microsoft.

Acer Unveils New Windows 8 Tablets, Hybrid Ultrabook Designs

Acer calls Windows 8 a "breakthrough" for the PC industry

Lenovo Collaborating With Intel on ThinkPad Windows 8 Tablet

Lenovo's first Windows 8 tablet will be based on Intel chips.

Lack of Clarity on Windows 8 Upgrades from Vista, XP

Microsoft has limited the upgrade path confirmation to 2009's Windows 7.

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Consumer Preview offers a new look at Microsoft's upcoming interface for both computers and tablets. Is one device being shortchanged in favor of the other?