Olympics London 2012

Tech Turns London Olympics Audience into a Gigantic TV Screen

Organizers pulled it off by providing each member of the audience with a ten-inch electronic paddle wired to a central computer and outfitted with nine full-color LCD squares.

Great Apps for the London 2012 Olympics

Use these apps to follow your favorite athlete, get quick results, socially network about the Olympics, play games, or even look up rules for obscure sports.

Enterprise Networks Could be Strained by Olympics

The impact of the Olympics on communications traffic globally from this year's games could be more significant than any in the 116-year history of the modern games.

London Olympics 2012 - Beware of Bogus Streaming Websites

Security companies warn of burgeoning scams piggybacking on interest in the Olympics

Olympics CIO Gerry Pennell is Upbeat About Creating Gold-standard Team

The one-off nature of an Olympics and its scale are what provide the learning curves that leave that legacy, says Pennell.