Oracle Vs Google


Oracle Assents to 'Zero' Damages in Google Lawsuit, Eyes Appeal

Oracle waived its right to damages in order to conclude the trial and move on to its appeal.

Oracle-Google Patent Trial: Jury Finds That Android did not Infringe Java Patents

The jury deliberated for more than a week before finding no infringement on any claims related to two Java-related patents


Android Developers Overlooked Sun's patents: Andy Rubin

Google's Android chief was on the stand in week four of the Oracle v. Google trial

Oracle-Google Patent Trial: Jury Verdict Gives Oracle a Partial Victory

Jury found that Google infringed Java copyrights in Android, although it was deadlocked on the question of fair use

Jury May Have Reached a Stalemate in Oracle-Google Patent Trial

The jury has been unable to reach a decision in four days and asked 'what happens if we can't reach a unanimous decision'


Google Allowed to Exploit "Fair Use" Defense in Android Trial

Judge Alsup's ruling means the issue of fair use will likely be put to a new jury.

Lawyers in Oracle-Google Patent Trial Scuffle Over Android Profits

The judge hearing the case told the court that Google lost money on Android throughout 2010

Ex-Sun Boss McNealy Backs up Oracle in Google Patent Dispute

McNealy backed Oracle's arguments in court and called Larry Ellison a 'national economic hero'

Oracle Bid to Assert Third Patent in Google Trial Fails

The U.S. patent office issued a ruling in Oracle's favor, but too late for it to make any difference, a judge has ruled

Android Did Not Use Sun's IP, Testifies Eric Schmidt

Google built a 'clean room' version of Java and did not use Sun's intellectual property, Eric Schmidt said in court Tuesday


Oracle Tells Court About Java Patent Victory

The US Patent and Trademark Office confirms Java patent it had previously rejected.


Andy Rubin Argues With Oracle Attorney Over Old Emails

Oracle says the emails to and from Rubin show that Google knew it needed a license for Java to build Android

Oracle Had Considered Buying RIM and Palm to Build Own Smartphone

Larry Ellison revealed the plans under cross-examination in Oracle's trial against Google.

Google's CEO Tells Jury he Doesn't Recollect Specifics of Java Negotiations

Larry Page told a jury on Wednesday that he remembers little about Google's attempts to negotiate a Java license from Sun.

Google Says it Had Sun's Full Support in Building Android

Google's attorney presented the company's opening statement in day two of its trial against Oracle.


Oracle vs. Google: Larry Ellison Arrives for Testimony

Day two of the trial between Oracle and Google is underway in San Francisco.

Oracle, Google Fail to Reach Settlement in Android Lawsuit

The trial is set to start on April 16 and could last for eight weeks.

A Timeline of Oracle's Java Lawsuit Against Google

A brief history of Android and Oracle's lawsuit, taken from court filings and news reports.

Oracle Says Google Knowingly 'Broke the Rules' with Java

Oracle and Google were in court for the start of an eight-week jury trial over Google's use of Java in Android

'Important' Oracle Patent Rejected in Google Android Case

Oracle is still allowed to contest it, however, and must do so by December 19.

Google Legal Move Could Alter Course of Oracle Trial

It's not clear when the USPTO will complete its review of the Oracle patents, should one be granted, but it likely wouldn't be anytime soon.