Windows Phone 8

A Closer Look At The New Start Screen Of Windows Phone 8

This is perhaps the best-looking Start Screen across all smartphone platforms.

Nokia Problem: WP8 Won't Run on Current Windows Phones

Windows Phone 8, coming in the fall, won't run on existing Windows Phones, which will hurt sales of existing Windows Phone models in the coming months, creating acute problems for the ailing Nokia.

Windows Phone 8: What Windows Phone 7 Users Need to Know

The Windows Phone 7.8 update will include the new Windows Phone 8 start screen.

Microsoft Displays Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8, when released later this year, will incorporate the same kernel, networking stacks, file systems, and other central components of Windows 8 for desktops.

Windows Phone 8 Will Support Key Enterprise Security Needs

A major change in Microsoft's smartphone platform provides core OS, graphics, and Web features across smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Windows Phone 8 Announcement Puts Partner Nokia in Awkward Spot

With new OS coming in the fall, sales of Nokia's current Lumia smartphone line could be hit hard.

Are Microsoft Manufactured Smartphones in the Pipeline?

Analyst cites sources that say Microsoft may offer own Windows Phone 8-based smartphones as well as Surface tablets.

Microsoft Looks to Attract More Developers with Windows Phone 8

The big winners are game companies, a developer said.

Windows Phone 8: Deep Integration With Windows 8 OS

Microsoft says its new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, will be deeply integrated with the Windows 8 OS in tablet and desktop PCs. No upgrade for existing WP7 users, however.

No WP8 Upgrade, Though WP7 Owners Will Get Windows Phone 7.8 Update

If you own a smartphone running on Windows Phone 7 now, you won't be included in the bright future of Windows Phone 8. There is a consolation prize, however--Windows Phone 7.8.