NASSCOM 2016 India Leadership Forum

We bring to you an extensive coverage of NASSCOM's India Leadership Forum 2016, their flagship event where global leaders and experts exchange ideas on the next big changes in technology.

Analytics: Facts Behind the Figures

Few years ago, it was a challenge to make sense of your organizational data, but things have changed now and tools for analyzing data have evolved. Enterprises are rapidly deploying such tools to enhance customer experience and stay ahead of competition.

Everything You Need to Know About the eBay Hack

eBay hack was one of the biggest hack operations in a long time. Worldwide the users were left appalled. Here's a compilation of all the relevant information that you need to know about the hack.

Windows XP Deadline

As the deadline for Microsoft officially ending support for Windows XP looms near - April 8 - here is a compilation of all the relevant information that you need to know.

IT Predictions for 2014

The year 2013 is drawing to a close and the soothsayers are busy gazing into their crystal balls. Here is a compilation of all the major IT predictions and forecasts for the year of the horse - 2014.

Rise of the Drones

Is Amazon Prime Air, the drone designed to deliver packages right on your doorstep, just a sci-fi? Will we be pleasantly surprised when it finally delivers a parcel and quietly fly away?

End of Windows XP Support

Here is a rundown of all that you need to know to better prepare your organization as the era of Windows XP support draws to a close.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Phailin, Hiayan, Nilam—disasters can take many forms. Are you prepared for recovery? Here are a few things businesses should know about DRP.

The Rise of the Smartphone

Smartphones are becoming more and more relevant in the enterprise as time goes by. Here is a rundown of some recent smartphone related news.

Twitter IPO

Just when we heard Dell and BMC went private, Twitter is rehearsed for going public! Here is a rundown of some recent Twitter IPO talks.


No one vendor is able to meet the growing needs of the new-age customers. Companies are acquiring experts in niche fields to expand their portfolio and give customers the service they deserve.

Google I/O Confernece Updates

Google I/O conference 2013 commenced on the 14th of May and ended on the 17th. Check out some of the highlights from the conference and what Google plans to focus on in the near future.

Yahoo's Tumblr Acquisition

Yahoo has decided to shell out $1.1 billion to buy blogging service Tumblr, in a bid to revitalize its brand and attract a younger generation of users.Will the investment save Yahoo's sinking image?

Google Glass

Google Glass is the face of what Next-gen Gizmo's would be like. But the innovative product has drawn enough flak from various quarters as well. A peek into the Google Glass hype.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is coming to the enterprise and IT execs should be aware of the many ways in which IoT will shake up the corporate network.

Big Data

Big data can be big trouble if it isn’t handled with care. Here's all that you wanted to know about it.

BlackBerry Reloaded

Read to know all about BlackBerry's (previously RIM - Research In Motion) attempt to resurrect in the smartphone market and the reaction of CIOs and other industry experts to the company's new products.
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