Altimetrik looks to ride the next wave of business transformation with IoT

Madhavan Satagopan, CTO at Altimetrik believes that the fundamental principle of every transformation initiative is an innovative technology solution, backed by an agile and efficient delivery.

Sejuti Das Jun 08th 2016

As the world goes digital in leaps and bounds, there is a whole new generation of IT players trying to address the market opportunity this transformation presents. Altimetrik is one such new breed of technology companies aiming to drive its business model around the global mega trends of modernization that include  digitization and connected solutions.

The company sees India as a major focal point for its solutions as it senses business opportunities in government initiatives such as Digital India, Jan Dhan Yojna, and Make in India. With a series of acquisitions, the company has now started to develop its own financial inclusion and digital health platforms.

According to Madhavan Satagopan, chief technology officer, Altimetrik, the five key trends that will be driving India’s foreseeable future are, transformation of enterprise software, customer centricity, emergence of data, systems of conscience, and expansion of awareness.

Satagopan says, “Indian enterprise software should accommodate the aspects of human centricity, cognition, connectedness and analytical capabilities, as very soon these elements will become a must-have in the digital world—where systems need to communicate with people and advanced machines.”

He believes that the affinity between machines and humans would elevate not just because of the concept of machine learning, but also because of the radical evolution of human-machine interface. Huge lakes of data will be replaced by smaller chunks of data, faster processing abilities, and generation of real time insights. Above all, users will now have the freedom to play around with the data available to them.

“We, at Altimetrik aim to emphasize on building socially-aware software through heightened understanding of user behaviors, their contexts and interaction patterns. This transformation will create newer business models and make innovation much more meaningful,” says Satagopan.

Customers in today’s digital world are struggling to integrate all their touch points and offer contextual user experience to their consumers. As organizations begin to delve deeply into this transformation around customer-led behavior, responsiveness and speed become vital. “The future is completely about delivering what the user needs in the fastest timeframe, and that’s why we are investing heavily into solutions engineering capabilities dovetailing into a design-led engineering approach,” says Satagopan.

Altimetrik is also investing in its customers' transformation journey by advocating a ‘Think Big, Start Small and Scale Fast’ approach. Some of Altimetrik's marquee programs include building a precision monitoring and remote management solution for an odorizer pumps manufacturer, developing a connected platform for healthcare provider networks, cashless payment solutions for several leading banks and establishing a digital innovation center for a global retail giant. "We believe innovation is always delivered as a partnership process,” he says.

Being a fast growing company, Altimetrik is keeping an eye out for potential co-innovation based partnerships, and acquisitions. Along with it, the company is also looking forward to invest heavily in primary research, to bridge the gap between users and the industry. “In line with this, we’d be partnering with several leading academic institutions globally around areas of cognitive computing and user behavioral research,” says Satagopan.

“By launching an open innovation initiative, we are keen on building an ecosystem of partners and innovators with whom we can generate meaningful ideas to cause real impact. We’d also like to encourage idea generation beyond the purview of closed labs and thereby creating solutions that not only transform businesses but also touch lives,” he concludes.