Sophos' Project Darwin embraces AI to combat evolving threats

Cyber security vendor Sophos is invoking the spirit of famed English evolutionary scientist Charles Darwin to rally the security industry around its vision for connected cyber defence, opening the company up to working with APIs and other third parties to tackle sophisticated threats.

How Microsoft, Google, AWS and Facebook are battling to democratise AI for developers

Developer conference season is in full flow, with Facebook's F8 last week and Microsoft Build, Google I/O and Amazon Web Services holding a London Summit this week, and they all had one thing in common: the goal of making AI technology more accessible for developers on their platforms.

What is CI/CD? Continuous integration and continuous delivery explained

The CI/CD pipeline is one of the best practices for devops teams to implement, for delivering code changes more frequently and reliably

10 boot camps for business analysts

Business analysts are vital to organizations that want to make the most of their data. Here are 10 boot camps to help you become a business analyst or advance your career in business analytics.

What is an API? Application programming interfaces explained

Application programming interfaces hide complexity from developers, extend systems to partners, organize code, and make components reusable

Getting grounded in IoT networking and security

A guide to the basics enterprises need to know about the internet of things.

Cloud vendor free tiers compared: AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Platform

Choosing between the three biggest cloud providers - Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - can be a testing proposition, but one of the best things about them is that they all offer a free tier for spinning up an instance and trying out the platform before you buy.

How technology helped foil the rhino poachers

Dimension Data and Cisco have helped cut rhinoceros poaching down to zero at a 62,000-hectare private game park in South Africa, and now governments and other reserves with threatened species are starting to take notice.

Python developers profiled: What you use, what you do

A survey of 9,500 developers shows what Python programmers use and what they work on. See how typical you are as a Python developer

Eight new rules of management to win in this crazy VUCA world: Nitin Seth, Incedo

During his keynote address at IDG's CIO Leadership Event in Gurugram, Nitin Seth highlighted the impact of rapid technological disruptions on businesses and how CIOs can take advantage.