The future of Indian Television will be in apps: Manoj Padmanabhan, Ditto TV, Zee Network

"We constantly provide content that is international and is in sync with the international markets. As an OTT platform we need to be future forward," said Manoj Padmanabhan, Executive VP & Business Head, DITTO TV, Zee Network.

DittoTV is a streaming app. Does it mean you do not have a storage strategy in place?

Yes, we have a product named dittoGO which supports offline viewing of our VOD. Ditto Go puts the control back into the consumers’ hands. With dittoGO, you can download your favourite movies, TV Shows and videos on your smart devices and watch them offline at leisure.

How you are different from the Amazon Prime’s and Netflix’s of the world?

DittoTV offers more than 150 plus LIVE TV Channels apart from Video on demand which other services specialize in. dittoTV caters to the emotional need of the Indian audiences across the world. The platform is a distribution of content and the rights belong to the content owner for content that the group does not own. In the last two years, dittoTV downloads have been approximately at 21 Lakhs which includes android, iOS, windows. 

How do you think dittoTV will be a success as in spite of great mobile penetration in India, there are grave connectivity issues in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities?

India is expected to have 236 million mobile Internet users by 2016, says a new IAMAI-KPMG report. It further projects that mobile internet user base will reach 314 million by 2017. With this massive upsurge in mobile users and the recent Digital India initiative of Government of India to integrate the government departments and the people of India which aims to connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks, we are confident that we shall be successful in penetrating the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities as well. We also have adaptive streams which change stream quality depending on internet connectivity.

Do you think Smart TV’s will contribute to more OTT services being successful?

Yes, the eco system will be more energized with the advent of Smart TV’s in India over the next couple of years. It will give the audience a spoilt choice of offerings.

Do you have market penetration outside India?

DittoTV is present in International markets for over 2 years now, and the number is clearly growing. DittoTV has developed a strong foothold in over more than 130 countries and our focus is on international markets like UK, US, Middle East, Asia Pacific along with some parts of Africa. We constantly provide content that is international and is in sync with the international markets. As an OTT platform we need to be future forward. To this end, we are looking at language / culture agnostic content partnerships so it will positively add to our market penetration beyond India.

Share your perspective on the need for domestic IP laws to evolve and get stronger as increased internet penetration will lead to higher levels of piracy.

Piracy will always be a continuous threat. It has to be nipped from the bud. The ISP’s Content owner and Platform players can join hands and completely eliminate it.