Capgemini employees raise 100,000 Euros as educational fund

MoveFifty employee challenge united colleagues through movement and engagement to celebrate Capgemini’s 50th anniversary.

CAPGEMINI Dec 04th 2017

Capgemini employees around the globe got active to help celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary and raise 100,000 Euro to support three impactful educational projects through ‘MoveFifty,’ the special birthday challenge with a purpose. MoveFifty brought colleagues together in movement and engagement to raise money for three education-focused charitable initiatives: Ciudad Quetzal, Enlight andCap Sur Le Code. Capgemini employees moved a total of 415,696 kilometers.

Over five months from June to October, Capgemini employees participated in MoveFifty to help raise the funds in two ways. First, it was through a physical challenge to accumulate as many kilometers as possible, in as many ways of movement as were possible to track (e.g. run, cycle, walk, jog), in support of a donation of up to 50,000 Euro to be shared among the three projects, proportional to the number of kilometers dedicated to each one of them.

Employees raised an additional 50,000 Euro for the three initiatives through engagement on social media. Team members shared, liked and re-tweeted posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Yammer using the 50thanniversary hashtag, #Capgemini50. The total number of social media engagements for the June, October timeframe reached 298,600.

“We were delighted to see how our employees from around the globe embraced the MoveFifty challenge and united in movement and engagement to support these worthy educational projects,” said Christine Hodgson, head of group corporate and social responsibility and member of the group executive committee. “Employees came up with creative and fun ways to support the challenge, including setting a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title in India, participating in triathlons and marathons, and really embracing the team spirit of this special birthday challenge. Over four months we accumulated enough kilometers to circle the earth more than 10 times, that’s impressive.”