DoneThing eyes USD 4 million in Series A funding
DoneThing is planning to fine-tune its efforts towards expanding its reach and attaining a much larger consumer base.
DoneThing Feb 15th 2017
DoneThing, a Gurgaon-based, on-demand personal assistance service has seen an increase of 40 per cent in its customer base in Q4 2016. The growth is attributed to Paul Shoker’s inclusion as an Advisory Board member. Shoker has been advising DoneThing since the last quarter and has been instrumental in guiding the company on the key objectives and the go-to-market strategies.
Under his guidance, the company has seen its daily transactions go up by 60 per cent in Q4 2016. The company is also seeking to raise USD 4 million in the next round of funding. With Shoker’s onboarding, DoneThing is planning to fine-tune its efforts towards expanding its reach efficiently and attaining a much larger consumer base.
Speaking on the occasion, Sonal Saraogi, Co-Founder, DoneThing, said “Mr Paul Shoker is a renowned name in the industry and his guidance has helped us strengthen our brand and witness positive changes. The most immediate change we have seen with him joining is structuring of our core efforts across all fronts, be it technology or marketing. The idea is to build-in core competencies that are competitive in the long run, flexible enough to evolve with time and trends, and strong enough to withstand crisis (if any). Mr Paul Shoker’s experience of over two decades of fluctuating markets and trends will help DoneThing achieve greater heights and rise above the competition in the long run.”
Paul Shoker is a serial entrepreneur and has helped transform a number of businesses by bringing onboard all the skills required from operational assistance and mentoring, identifying and recruiting the right team, technology scalability through to funding. In 2011 he acquired Koovs, which was earlier a Bengaluru-based site offering deals. He was instrumental in its transformation to one of India's leading fashion destinations. Koovs is now listed on the London stock market. Beyond360 is another recent venture that promotes a SaaS-based social incentive reward and recognition platform, which he and his team are building to take across the globe. He also sits on a number of boards in various sectors, advises many start-ups and recently spoke at Essec Business School in Paris on "Doing business in India". 
On joining the DoneThing team, Paul Shoker said, “I am delighted to associate with DoneThing as it is a carefully thought through business proposition which appears to be building the business blocks that address a problem with a simple fix; if focused it’s highly scalable, the team is aggressive and has the passion to cross the line. 
Shoker’s insights and guidance would be instrumental in helping DoneThing build the building blocks of an ecosystem which recognises the services we provide as a need. Through these building blocks, the true value proposition would be recognised and appreciated by the end users. The efforts would be towards creating a satisfied journey for the customers, a simple yet rewarding user experience. DoneThing has already started to bear the fruits of this association and is expecting multifold growth in the near future.
DoneThing’s leadership team consists of market specialists, each serving a strategic purpose. Few of them being expatriates, DoneThing ensures to maintain a diverse cultural mix at the top management, keeping in mind the globalised nature of the market and the target audience. The company believes that this diversity with Indians and expatriates putting their heads together, will help the company formulate a truly global, contemporary and competitive strategy.