Intel at Computex: 5 things to know

As the boundaries of computing expand, Intel is showcasing the transformational impact technology has on industries around the world.

INTEL Jun 01st 2016

Billions of smart and connected devices, new data-rich services and cloud applications fueled by the Internet of Things (IoT) will bring new and exciting experiences to our lives, ushering in the next wave of computing.

This next wave is defined by a virtuous cycle of growth where people and businesses derive the greatest value from solutions that capitalize on the edge device, as well as the network, and the cloud.

Here are five things to know about Intel at Computex 2016:

1. Intel’s evolution is underway: At Computex, Diane Bryant, executive vice president and general manager of the Data Center Group, and Navin Shenoy, corporate vice president and general manager for the Client Computing Group, will jointly share the stage to describe new technologies, products and collaborations that will help accelerate this virtuous cycle of growth.

2. Visual cloud, machine learning unlock human potential: To cost-effectively accelerate video and enable secure, remote delivery of graphic-intensive applications, Intel introduced the Intel Xeon processor E3-1500 v5 product family.

3. PCs: Intel is committed to driving a regular cadence of innovation in the PC across 2 in 1s, gaming, and entry segments. Intel announced the Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition, which is designed for the needs of today’s gamers and content creators. It features Intel’s first 10 core desktop processor with up to 20 threads for handling many compute-intensive workloads simultaneously.

4. “Things” are getting smarter and more connected: Intel announced the Intel AnyWAN GRX 750 system-on-a-chip (SoC) family and the Intel XWAY WAV500 Wi-Fi chipset. The Intel AnyWAN GRX750 SoC enables home gateways to provide richer experiences. The Intel platform enables local and cloud-based services, media creation and content sharing for tools ranging from next generation ultra-high-definition devices to “things” in a person’s home.

5. 5G will transform mobility to create a smart and connected society: Where 4G was about moving data faster, 5G will bring more powerful wireless networks that connect “things” to each other, to people and to the cloud. During Computex, Intel announced a partnership with Foxconn to jointly develop network infrastructure technologies. The companies will collaborate on proof of concepts and pilot programs for technologies like mobile edge computing, cloud radio access network (CloudRAN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) that will enable more intelligent, efficient and flexible networks.