NASSCOM elects new chair for IT Services Council

Nitin Rakesh, CEO of Mphasis, has been elected to spearhead the transformation of IT services industry in India.

NASSCOM Jul 06th 2017

National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) has announced the appointment of Nitin Rakesh, chief executive officer and executive director of Mphasis as the chair of the IT Services Council. Rakesh will spearhead the transformation of the IT services industry in India as well as charter the future roadmap for sustainable growth.   

Nitin Rakesh is a pioneer financial technologist and people leader with an unfailing ability to combine technical prowess with exceptional business insights. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his trademark customer-first and lean start-up philosophy, has led to the development and launch of disruptive new service offerings, consistent upgradation and accelerated growth trajectory of all the organizations he has served. 

Rakesh’s vision is to transform India’s brand image from a cost-competitive offshore destination to an essential technology partner and work towards bridging the gap between ‘Bangalore-and-Bay area’ both from an IP as well as start-up perspective. To power these core priorities, building a strong ecosystem to transform India as a technology destination is vital. He hopes to achieve these through a quintessential ‘Create in India’ campaign for reskilling and reorientation. 

“I am very excited to take on the role as chair of the IT Services Council. I strongly believe that IT is truly a global service that powers future proofing of all industries. I hope to leverage NASSCOM’s solid 25-year-old platform to enable and reimagine the IT services industry making it truly Global. I look forward to working with the Executive Council as well as other members to enhance the consistent value of the industry,” said Nitin Rakesh on his appointment.