SanDisk introduces half-terabyte SSD

Flash storage company SanDisk Corporation has announced the SanDisk Z410 SSD, a 15-nanometer half-terabyte solid state drive (SSD) aimed at desktop PCs and laptops.

SANDISK Apr 28th 2016

“SSDs are being rapidly adopted as the preferred storage option across the entire spectrum of the PC marketplace,” said Tarun Loomba, vice president and general manager of client platform solutions, SanDisk. “The Z410 is an important addition to our overall SSD portfolio, as our customers require a complete range of storage options, from home/office PCs to the latest high-performance, ultra-thin laptops.”

Built on the SanDisk Z400s SSD platform, the Z410 SSD features an SLC cache--a combination of SLC and TLC blocks to maximize read and write speeds. This means PC users can expect very short start-up and application loading, making the Z410 ideal for multi-tasking and typical PC workloads such as home/office productivity, web browsing, email, casual gaming and audio/video entertainment.

"The price gap between SSDs and legacy HDD storage is narrowing," said Jeff Janukowicz, research vice president for solid state drive and enabling technologies at IDC.  "Coupled with inherent performance and reliability benefits, it is helping to propel SSD adoption into the mainstream PC market."

With up to 480GB of capacity, the Z410 has a mean time to failure (MTTF) of 1.75M hours. The SanDisk Z410 SSD is currently shipping in 2.5’’ (7mm) form factor at 120GB, 240GB and 480GB capacities, and includes a 3-year warranty.