Accenture is buoyed about Security Services

Launches the Cyber Security Fusion Center in Bangalore, amalgamating its entire services portfolio. 

Taking its “As a service” pay- as- you- go model further, Accenture is combining its business processes, infrastructure services, automation, analytics and people by extending its security services into a centralized end-to-end stack for customers.  

The global consultant and service provider has expanded on its security offerings and solutions, by launching the Cybersecurity Fusion Center in Bangalore, which is an amalgamation of Accenture’s inter-disciplinary capabilities, ranging from innovation and incubation to strategic consulting and transformation, and managed delivery of a broad range of cyber security capabilities. This state of the art facility supports clients with a combination of 24/7 managed security services, behavioural analytics, advanced automation technologies and integrated cyber defense services.

The facility is complete with advanced collaboration technologies, such as a 12.5-meter micro-tile screens, and is perhaps one of the largest in India, a 9,000-sq foot set-up, located in Accenture Operations’ flagship Delivery Center in Bangalore at the Prestige Technopolis. 

According to Keith Lippiatt, Senior Managing Director, Infrastructure Services, Accenture Operations,  “The Center takes advantage of the latest ideas to develop cloud-based, as-a-Service and analytics-based solutions that can be rapidly deployed and that deeply embed security into the fabric of our clients’ businesses.” 

Clarifying that the Accenture end-to end Services stack will help customers choose a single stack, as well as opt for the entire set of services without overtly attempting to lock them in on a “single vendor” mode, Bill Phelps, Managing Director, Security Services, Accenture Operations, also reiterated that customers can flexibly choose their model. 

With regards to whether Accenture gets an early bird advantage (or is on par) with the launch of the Cyber security Fusion center over the Big 4, Keith Lippiatt commented, “Well, we are the only player right now among the large global and Indian consulting companies and the Big 4 to be able to process the entire set of offerings with this range and breadth. We are allied with most of the large OEM pure play vendors for various stacks, including that of the security portfolio.”

Manish Sharma, Senior Managing Director, Global Delivery & Solution Development and BPO Sales Lead, Accenture Operations, observed that it was time to help customers deliver the best business outcomes – with IT being at the front end. The discussion should veer from talking about “bypassing the people’ model to moving outcomes.” He stressed that people go hand-in –hand in arriving at results. 

Among other things, the new Cybersecurity Fusion Center houses a customer lounge with   multimedia capabilities to host customized client meetings and workshops, a War room for global security experts to troubleshoot incidents and co-innovate and develop security solutions, a Command center where security incidents can be monitored – while prevention and defense strategies can be executed – in real time, a Security Innovation Center-  a lab setting for developing new, and upgrading existing, security services for Accenture's clients, and lastly, a Hackers’ corner to simulate real threats faced by clients and to manage those instances.