Apple's Proview Settlement Could Set Ugly Precedent

John P Mello July 3, 2012
Settlement may have been slow in coming because Apple is wary of future products being targeted by trademark trolls.

Apple's reported decision to pay off the financially troubled Chinese company that claims it owns the iPad name could embolden trademark trolls looking to make a quick buck in the future off the richest company in the world

One reason that it took so long to settle the dispute between Apple and Proview, the Chinese company that claims ownership of the iPad name, has been a concern by the Cupertino company of setting a precedent that would encourage similar lawsuits against it in the future, according to some legal experts. 

Moreover, the settlement could be seen as setting a floor on what Apple's willing to pay for clean access to a trademark. If a company has a name that Apple wants, for instance, will the starting point for negotiations on the sale be $60 million -- the reported settlement sum in the Proview case?