Google Shows Off it's Computerized Glasses at I/O

Sharon Gaudin June 28, 2012
Google Shows Off it's Computerized Glasses at I/O
Google uses skydivers, daredevils to introduce $1,500 prototype of Google Glass.

After teasing people with bits of images and information about the development of its computerized glasses, Google made a splash, showing off Google Glass in a wild demo at the company's annual Google I/O conference.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin ran on stage near the end of the keynote sporting a pair of the glasses, which have a processor and memory and are expected to include 3G or 4G wireless access, along with motion and GPS sensors.

But that wasn't all Google had planned.

To loud cheers from the crowd of about 6,000 developers and reporters, two men jumped out of a plane flying over San Francisco and parachuted to the roof of the Moscone Center where the conference is being held. During the descent, they were wearing the glasses and streaming live video of their jump from them.

Once they landed, other people repelled down the side of the building while wearing the glasses - and then yet another team, this time on bicycles, wore the glasses and biked through the conference center and up onto the keynote stage.

The glasses streamed the whole spectacle onto giant screens onstage.