HP Cloud Strategy to Focus on Open Source

Brandon Butler July 2, 2012
HP's Converged Cloud model will depend on interoperability with hardware from other vendors.

HP reiterated its commitment to open cloud computing standards this week at the Red Hat Summit, as the company's enterprise cloud vice president, Steve Dietch, said the differentiating feature of and compatibility with other cloud resources.

The basis of HP's strategy revolves around tools to manage a hybrid cloud, which combines on-premise IT infrastructure with public cloud resources. "Every enterprise, if they have a sound, pragmatic strategy, will move to hybrid cloud delivery," Dietch told attendees of the opening keynote on the second day of the Red Hat Summit conference in Boston on Thursday.

Traditional IT, he says, is homogenous, hardwired and siloed. "It wasn't built to be flexible and agile," he says. Enterprises aren't yet willing though, nor may they ever be, to put all of their applications up in a public cloud. That's why he says, hybrid clouds are the cloud of the future.

As enterprises move to the cloud, legacy IT infrastructure will not go away. An estimated $1.7 trillion will be spent on IT annually in the coming years, but only about 15% of that will be on cloud, he says. "As long as all of us are on this planet," he told the crowd, "traditional IT is still going to be important." Dietch says the difference with HP's Converged Cloud and most other offerings on the market is the interoperability with existing infrastructure HP's system supports.