Hyperadoption will redefine customer relationships: Forrester’s McQuivey at NASSCOM 2016

Hyperadoption is around the corner with digital disruption having taken over, said James McQuivey, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester, in his session at NASSCOM 2016.

“We are doing a deal with the devil,” James McQuivey, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester said, announcing the advent of an entirely new digital ecosystem where the consumer expects more and more things to come free as product differentiators.

He said that this is a wave that is sweeping across industries, with data driving the wave to leverage and change the customer experience.

But, what exactly entails this change? According to McQuivey it requires everyone having access to data real time. He said that we also need an entirely different dialogue about digital innovation with the marketing organization. Marketers have to be told that the customer experience is at the heart of marketing

On the ground, marketing messages have to transform into effective marketing experiences. Most importantly, marketing organizations have to know the importance of technology, data and analytics and why it is necessary to collaborate with the IT organization.

McQuivey quoted case studies and innovations from Starbucks, Ferroro Rocher chocolates and Amazon to illustrate examples of digital innovation, partnerships and hyperadoption. The underlying point was that, while there is no current overt shift in budgets from the CIO to the CMO or other lines of business, it is imperative that the different decision makers collaborate on the outcome.


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