IBM collaborates with EdTech startups to hone skillset of Indian developers

IBM has partnered with Indian EdTech startups to upskill and reskill the developer community in India.

Prajeet Nair Feb 14th 2018

Tech giant IBM has extended their support and partnered with Indian startup communities to provide an immersive cutting-edge curriculum on IBM technologies like Data Science Experience (DSX), Watson IOT, Cloud, AI, and Analytics through a choice of media viz online, internships, and technology hackathons. This was announced in the recently concluded IBM's flagship event, IBM Code Day, at Bengaluru.

Most of the learners will be students from engineering colleges and B-schools. There will also be individual learners and enterprise candidates who will benefit from the programs offered by this pool of partners as they upskill themselves.

IBM’s continued support to the EdTech partners (mostly startups) will not only help the individual companies to grow, but will also help to embrace the ecosystem.

Some of the EdTech startups which will be part of the collaboration are Jigsaw Academy, Global Knowledge, KRACKIN Technologies, Imarticus Learning, Eduvance, SmartBridge Educational Services, GradValley Data Science, and iAcademia.

Some of the government agencies that have partnered with IBM in the cause for student development are ICT Academy, APITA and TASK. They will deliver Cloud Application Development and Watson Application Development certification programs to member colleges of their respective regions, training the faculty and students with hands-on experience on the IBM Cloud platform.

IBM Code Day was a day-long event for developers, curated to enhance specific skills and gain hands-on experience in the latest technology across Cloud, AI, Data and emerging technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, and Quantum computing.