Intel unveils its new monster in India, Knights Landing Xeon Phi

Shraddha Singh September 26, 2016
Intel unveils its new monster in India, Knights Landing Xeon Phi

Intel accelerates the path to deeper insight with the latest Intel Xeon Phi for High-Performance Computing (HPC).

Intel launched its next generation processor Knights Landing Xeon Phi in India. The Intel Xeon Phi product family is part of a complete solution that brings together key technologies for easy-to-deploy and high-performance clusters.

Currently, Intel is enabling High Performance computing in India, largely for the science and technology research vertical, through its family of Xeon processors. With the availability of this new processor, which can help get products to market faster, solve complex problems faster, and power simulations that don't require physical testing, the company is looking to collaborate more closely with the automotive, manufacturing and aerospace industries.

“Xeon and Xeon Phi are changing the dynamics of machine learning on a large scale. We are integrating Intel Omni path architecture to knight’s landing. This omnipath architecture is already in use in places like Tokyo and National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center of USA,” said Intel Enterprise and HPC Platform Group Senior Worldwide Director Avinash Palaniswamy.

Talking of High Computing performance, Knights Landing might turn out to be very useful for the National Supercomputer Mission which would be implemented by C-DAC and IISc, Bangalore.

Sarat Chandra Babu, executive director of C-DAC, Banaglore is of the view that Digital India and smart cities are a great move for the ‘Make in India’ vision. Technologies like IoT, big data and the cloud can help solve transport, water and electricity issues real time for faster development of these projects. But all this is possible only with the help of a super computer. “How computing power is increasing, how you scale your applications and how you move data between the notes and across the clusters, Xeon Phi can help us overcome these kinds of problems,” he said.

Therefore the Intel Knights Landing Xeon Phi provides an architecture that can be used for high-performance computing, data analytics and machine learning workloads.