iOS 12 release date and feature rumours
We round up all the rumours about iOS 12: its release date, new features and news.
By Jim Martin Dec 05th 2017

It’s been a couple of months since iOS 11 was released to the general public so naturally, attention turns to the next version. Of course, it’s still months until we’ll get our first glimpse of what Apple has in store for iPhone and iPad owners but that doesn’t stop the rumour mill from turning.

As much as anything, those ‘rumours’ are really just wish lists for updates, changes and additions that users want to see in iOS 12, but we’ll update this article as more information surfaces.

When is iOS 12 coming out?

Unless Apple does something different in 2018, it will offer a preview of iOS 12 at its developer conference in June.

Shortly after that, a public beta is likely to be released to anyone that wants to can try out early versions of iOS 12 on their phone or tablet.

And if past years are anything to go by, iOS 12 will get its proper public release in September 2018 around the same time as Apple announces new iPhones. (Will it launch an iPhone 9, though?)

What new features will iOS 12 have?

It’s simply too early to say what Apple is working on. However, the features below were all rumoured ahead of Apple's iOS 11 announcement, but they didn't make an appearance in the operating system.

They could be introduced in small updates throughout the year, but equally they could appear in iOS 12. Or not at all. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Also, let us know in the comments below which features you want Apple to put in iOS 12.

User profiles

Many an iPad owner has wished for the ability - just as you have in Android - to create multiple users and switch between them. This makes sense for lots of reasons, including seeing your own music library, email, calendar, photos, bookmarks and preferences (such as favourite TV shows in iPlayer and channel subscriptions in YouTube).

Currently you can sign out of your Apple ID and sign in with another, but it won't change the content on the iPad or iPhone.

It was rumoured that Apple will add user profiles to tvOS at some point because this truly is a shared device, and this has led to speculation that it might also (finally) bring them to iOS as well. 

But don't expect to be able to see account switching on an iPhone: if it does arrive, it’ll just be for iPads.

Dark Mode

There has been a long-running rumour that Apple will introduce a ‘dark mode’ which will provide a dark theme or background in apps and throughout iOS. This should help reduce brightness when using your phone in total darkness. Currently, the light colours iOS uses are still too bright in some environments even with the brightness slider set to minimum.

However, this could be implemented in iOS 12.

Easier access to video settings

We’ve moaned about this in our iOS reviews for few years now, the frustration that camera settings aren’t in the Camera app. If you want to switch between 1080p at 60fps and 4K at 30fps (for example) you have to spend about 20 seconds doing it through the Settings app.

All we want is a simple cycle through the few modes in the Camera app itself. Is that so much to ask? Alternatively, an auto-switching mode which drops the frame rate in low light would be an acceptable workaround.

Now, in iOS 11, there are new settings, such as whether to save photos as HEIC or JPG and whether or not to enable QR-code scanning and it would make so much more sense to put these in the camera app.