KPMG Official: Hybrid Cloud is the Way Ahead for Enterprise

Eric Ernest July 10, 2012
KPMG Official: Hybrid Cloud is the Way Ahead for Enterprise
As the distinction between public and private clouds continues to blur, hybrid cloud will be the choice that companies opt for in the medium term, says Abhijit Varma.

Talking about the future of cloud technology, Abhijit Varma, Director, Management Consulting, KPMG said that he expects hybrid cloud to be the route that most companies will take in the medium term, during an interview at the recently held Computerworld India IT RoadMap 2012 event in Bangalore.

"It will take some time for perceptions to change about the public cloud model," said Varma as they are mostly seen as catering to the B2C model. 

He stated that there is a "huge gulf" between having an individual user transition to a public cloud - which will just require either online or remote help - and an enterprise moving to adopt public cloud, or for that matter any new technology. 

Given the requirements, Varma stated that enterprises' would need better assistance to help them transition to the cloud so that any issues relating to enterprise architecture, compliance, privacy, etc are promptly taken care of. Enterprises "need a helping hand" for making such transitions to newer technologies, he reiterated.