Leadership drives big changes, says Oracle CEO Safra Catz at NASSCOM 2016

Shantheri Mallaya February 10, 2016
Leadership drives big changes, says Oracle CEO Safra Catz at NASSCOM 2016

Delivering a speech at NASSCOM 2016, Safra Catz, the global CEO of Oracle, talks about  the next big opportunity in cloud computing and why it is important for system integrators and customers to be a part of it.

In her opening keynote at the 24th NASSCOM Leadership Summit, Oracle Global CEO Safra Catz spoke about how change is redundant without the right leadership at the helm. 

Substantiating this message in her session, “Ride the Power of Disruption or be Obsolete”, Catz highlighted how Oracle foresaw the cloud opportunity way before the others and how founder CEO Larry Ellison ensured that all products were realigned to incorporate the cloud. 

Oracle, said Catz, has been the classic case of a company that no longer remains a mere database company and has traced a long journey of transformation over the last decade.

The company has a total staff strength of 1.3 lakh and 40,000 are working in India. Oracle’s global R&D annual budget is $5 billion and highlights the company’s desire to be a disruptor, Catz emphasized. 

Catz said that moving to the cloud is the next big opportunity for Oracle; she however cautioned that it is not merely about pulling customer infrastructure out of the premise and pushing it from the DC to the cloud.

“Customers would be moving to an opex model and would desire to automate or push workloads to the cloud. However, the onus is on us to guide the customer through the change,” she said.

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