Spotify To Use Salesforce Rypple for Social Enterprise

Spotify wants to be social internally as well as externally
By Sophie Curtis
News May 24th 2012

Digital music service Spotify is using employee performance management software from to drive engagement within the company and make giving feedback more social.

Salesforce Rypple - the product that has emerged out of's acquisition of startup Rypple in December - does away with the notion of periodic reviews. Instead, it provides a social networking milieu that allows co-workers as well as managers to give feedback and recognition for jobs well done in real time, and on an ongoing basis. 

The product feeds into's wider notion of "social enterprise," based on the idea that social media can be used by companies to gain a competitive advantage. Many of's offerings use techniques borrowed from social networks to boost productivity.

Speaking at the Cloudforce Social Enterprise Tour in London yesterday, Spotify's organisational development manager Johan Persson said Spotify is an inherently social company, due to the way people love to share and discover music together.

The company already has a deal with Facebook whereby users can tell friends what they're listening to and share playlists. Spotify also uses social channels like Facebook and Twitter to connect with customers.