Teoco to focus on Selling Big Data Analytics Solution to Indian Telcos

Shubhra Rishi July 19, 2013
Its Chairman and CEO, Atul Jain said in a press conference that none of the Indian telcos have big data solutions of the nature that it can provide.

Teoco, a software and services provider today announced that it plans to strengthen its foothold in the APAC region through acquisitions and focusing on emerging markets.

An ideal acquisition, Jain says, would be in the range of 10 million - 50 million dollars, which will give them strong IP and software capabilities.  “Currently, the revenues from the APAC region are a single digit. We hope that it will double in the next 4-5 years,” said its Chairman and CEO, Atul Jain who has worked with Tibco in the past.

The company has made a host of successful acquisitions in the last few years and has a spent close to 100 million dollars in acquisitions.

With the acquisition of its rival Vibrant Solutions in 2006, the purchase has brought immense cost management and big data analytics expertise into TEOCO. "We are focused on selling an analytics solution in India. Our targeted sales cycles might take us 12 months, but once we start something, we don’t shy away from it," said Jain.

Apart from big data analytics, Jain also sees suitable opportunity in the areas of customer analytics, RAN optimization and service assurance in India.  Jain believes a lot of growth in the APAC region for TEOCO is going to come from solutions that are in the RAN space.

Teoco has more than 140 clients in 60 countries. Some of Teoco’s customers in India are Indus Towers, Reliance Communications and Vodafone. It has offices in Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai. While ninety percent of Teoco’s revenues come from North America and Europe, the company has observed a compounded growth of 30 percent year on year. “Most of this spend comes from internally generated profits, “said Jain.