What developers can expect at Google I/O 2017
Android O is the main focus, but Google will also dig into machine learning, web payments, web applications, and the internet of things.
Paul Krill May 17th 2017

At today’s Google I/O conference, developers will get insights into Google’s Android StudioFirebase tools, and Android Instant Apps. Developers and users alike will learn more about the forthcoming Android O operating system, changes to the Google Play Store, and likely the Google-Mozilla progressive web apps concept.

New and updated features in Android O include multi-display support, OpenJDK 8 APIs, new security APIs, advances to its Android Auto platform, and low-level Android libraries like android.os and android.icu. For Google Play, Google will show developers how to improve Android app performance.

For development tools, Google will explain the Polymer library and its relationship to the Web Components web development technology.

The company will also talk about its machine learning, big data, and analytics cloud tools, including advances in the TensorFlow ML platform. Other sessions will cover Google’s internet of things version of Android and Google’s Payment Request API, which is intended to make online commerce easier by eliminating checkout forms.