Windows 8 or Windows InTune: Which One Is Right for Your Business?

Tony Bradley August 14, 2012
Windows 8 or Windows InTune: Which One Is Right for Your Business?
Businesses can take advantage of the $40 Windows 8 upgrade, or subscribe to Windows InTune and get Windows 8 thrown in.

The countdown to Windows 8 is on. In just over two months the new flagship operating system from Microsoft will be available to the general public. For businesses looking to upgrade, though, there is a decision to be made between just getting Windows 8 itself, and subscribing to Windows InTune instead.

Businesses that have already moved to Windows 7 may feel little incentive to move to Windows 8 already, but those still on Windows XP should seriously consider a switch to Windows 8. The end of life for Microsoft support of Windows XP is quickly approaching, and Microsoft is sweetening the deal by making the Windows 8 upgrade a mere $40.

There's more than one way to get Windows 8, though. Rather than purchasing the operating system itself, a business can subscribe to Windows InTune--which includes a perpetual license for the most current version of Windows as well.

A Windows InTune subscription costs $11 per user per month. That equates to $132 per year--more than three times the cost of just buying the Windows 8 upgrade. Assuming a two to three year lifespan for the OS, Windows InTune is significantly more costly than just getting Windows 8. But, with Windows InTune you get more than just the Windows operating system.