Zyxel Anounces IPv6-Ready Products and Solutions

Computerworld May 23, 2012
Zyxel's IPv6-ready products, both software and hardware, are aimed at companies who will be moving to the new internet protocol.

Zyxel Communications, a networking company that provides Internet solutions, has announced it's line of Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6)-ready products and solutions.  These products are aimed at customers such as telecom operators, service providers and enterprises who are facing challenges from moving to the new protocol to choosing the right configuration to meet individual deployment needs. 

Starting with the first IPv6 Ready Logo Certification in 2004, followed by the “Phase II IPv6 Ready” Golden Logo for several VDSL2 integrated access devices and CPE products in 2010, ZyXEL is now offering IPv6-ready products and solutions ranging from hardware equipment such as DSL-based CPE (customer-premise-equipment), COE (central-office-equipment), carrier switches, LTE IAD (Internet-access-device), Gateways and Fibre technology-based IAD to the IPv6-certified firmware and software stacks for security and switching solutions.

In terms of the general end users who may not immediately need to take action before the IPv6 infrastructure and access systems are completed, they are encouraged to pay close attentions to the progress and to seek timely consultation from service providers. Driven by the speedy progression of digital applications, the IPv6 migration and new adoption may happen faster than everyone could have expected - World IPv6 Launch Day is set for June 6, 2012.