Exclusive | Derry Finkeldey: Mobility at Tipping Point

Derry Finkeldey June 15, 2012
Exclusive | Derry Finkeldey: Mobility at Tipping Point
With increased awareness of BYOD and the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other personal devices in the workplace, mobility is also emerging as the top-trend priority for enterprises.

Mobility is at the tipping point. When used in certain work scenarios, smartphones and tablets are on a functional par with desktop PCs and laptops. Demand for mobility solutions is growing steadily in most industries. The tight relationship between devices, network services and applications mean all three will grow.

Mobility ranked as a top-three technology priority for CIOs in 2012, according to the Gartner Executive Programs CIO Survey 2012, but the size and nature of the opportunity vary considerably by industry. Government will remain the largest overall IT market in terms of dollars spent, although the smaller markets of wholesale, media and insurance consider mobility a more strategic priority.

Two factors are driving mobility adoption. The first is consumerization, as employees and customers increasingly use mobile devices, services and apps in their home life, and expect their employers to equip them with smartphones and tablets or, increasingly, to allow them to use their own.

The second is business strategy, as enterprises realise the agility and efficiency improvements that mobility can bring. Most CIOs we speak to are preparing for substantial mobile device diversity and, in some regions, are exploring new management models, such as BYOD. Most businesses recognise that mobility can be a source of efficiency and competitive advantage.