The Importance of Enterprise Software Testing

Srikanth Chakkilam July 30, 2012
The Importance of Enterprise Software Testing
The worldwide software testing outsourcing market is expected to grow from $30 Billion in 2010 to $50 Billion in 2020 and India is expected to be the biggest beneficiary of this growth.

Enterprise CIOs, CEOs and CFOs have realized the increased risks of bad software on their business. Untested and poor quality software can wreak havoc on Enterprise IT systems bringing down supply chains, sales processes and leading to not only business loss but financial liabilities arising out of court cases. Almost all business process within enterprises including critical ones rely on software. Risks and liabilities of poor quality software for enterprises is rising rapidly.

The recent inability of NASDAQ’s online trading platform to handle a large number of users during the Facebook IPO listing hurt not only Facebook but also NASDAQ. It has led to financial losses for investors and law suits that will cost NASDAQ time, effort and money. Performance testing of the software platform could have identified the defects in time.

Recently a bank in Ireland applied a software patch and released to production without adequate testing which resulted in a two day outage where no transactions could be carried out in the bank. The situation could have been prevented with the right approach to software testing and quality.

For most software applications, testing activities constitute about 40% of the overall effort and 25% of the overall budget. The advent of new technologies like mobile smartphones, cloud computing, tablets means software written once has to be tested in multiple environments to ensure consistent functionality and experience. Testing budgets have become an important element of the overall enterprise IT budget due to technology changes.