Rumoured Samsung-RIM Deal Could Kill Apple (or Samsung)

Rob Enderle August 13, 2012
Rumoured Samsung-RIM Deal Could Kill Apple (or Samsung)
Samsung is again rumored to be interested in buying RIM. If it does, it can choose two acquisition models -- a full-blown merger or one that preserves RIM.

Now there are some best practices from companies such as EMC (with RSA and VMware) on completing mergers like this-and some good recent examples from Hewlett-Packard (with Compaq, Palm and EDS) on how not to do them. The problem is that most companies tend to gravitate toward the HP methodology of high-integration mergers, not the EMC (and, more recently, Dell) method that's designed to actually protect the assets acquired.

Let's use the rumor of Samsung purchasing RIM to compare the right way and the wrong way to do a merger-in the hope that if Samsung does do this, it's done the right way.

The stakes on this effort are high.  If Samsung could pull this off, it would emerge as arguably the king of the smartphone space and would have the capability, through RIM's impressive IP portfolio , to move from the defensive to the offensive with its Apple litigation or, at the very least, force Apple to settle.