Top 8 trends in mobile gaming apps

From social gaming to augmented reality, here is a look at the mobile gaming trends that are influencing the market, with India being one of the biggest markets for growth.

Sourav Karmakar Apr 11th 2018

As smartphones have penetrated our lives, mobile games have seen a growing audience than ever before. With India being one of the biggest markets for growth, developers are experimenting with new products, design formats and advanced technologies. From social gaming to augmented reality, let’s take a look at the mobile gaming trends that are influencing the market.

Age no bar: It is assumed that gaming enthusiasts are always the younger lot. However, research from GamesBond and NewZoo reveals that mobile gamers in India defy the age stereotypes. The survey says that while most of those aged 15 to 20 play mobile games daily, even more adults aged 36 to 55 are daily gamers. So it is advisable not to target mobile gaming apps towards a certain age group but to keep it open for all.

All for a quick fix: Time is highly crucial these days. Nobody wants to spend huge amount of time just on one game. Users want to be a part of multiple things at the same time. Mini games give the opportunity for players to start and finish in less amount of time and start with a new one; so aim to keep the games short.

Knowledge gaming is the rage: Gone are the days when games were meant just for entertainment. These days users prefer games that can also enhance their knowledge while they have fun. Be it geographical facts thrown into certain discoveries, trivia included in a quiz, challenges that test your math skills, vocabulary flashcards or other brain boosters, games that enhance the knowledge of its users are especially popular amongst the younger lot.

Social gaming on the rise: Mobile games are not far behind when it comes to social engagement. Games are the new social hubs where people with common interests meet and interact. Users find it more appealing if the app has an option to interact with other participants.

Busting the gender myth: As with age, it is just another assumption that mobile games are mostly played by men.  A study conducted by Nielsen reveals that mobile gaming is appealing to both women and men. Amongst the survey participants aged 13 plus who game on mobile/tablets, 51% are male and 49% female. So develop your mobile gaming app keeping in mind the interests of both men and women.

Interactivity is key: What else can you ask for if there is someone to talk to while you are playing. Someone to guide you how to play, what should be your next move and how to cross the hurdles – all through voice and text. Interactive mobile apps make the game more alive and keep the player active and alert.

Free to play: We can see that a good percentage of the players are young when it comes to mobile gaming apps. Keeping this in mind, most of the mobile gaming apps don’t charge for signup and for some basic levels that users can unlock without paying anything. One of the benefits of keeping it free is that you can attract a bigger user base.

Augmented Reality: The overnight success of Pokemon Go ushered in a new era for AR gaming. With the Harry Potter game set to release this year, Augmented Reality will experience some explosive growth and advancements in the technology. Craving of users for real gaming experience will definitely boost AR elements actively in the coming years.

In 2018, revenue in mobile gaming is expected to touch US$649 million. Rapid advancements in smartphones and mobile networks, along with advanced technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and AR are set to give the sector the much-needed leap.

The author is Co – founder & CEO, StupidApp

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